Tim Tebow Give Backup Jesus a Chance Billboards to Debut? Paid For by Fans


It only took a half before Denver Broncos started to chant for Backup Jesus.

I have said this repeatedly for months, the longer the Broncos prolong this, the worse it is going to get. They have to give Tebow a chance to fail, before their team can ever truly move forward.

Most agree that Tebow doesn’t have the skill set to be a consistent quarterback in the NFL, but we will never know until he is given a legitimate chance.

Normally I believe in the best player should play mantra, but this is a unique case. His presence on the bench is a major distraction and the only way to calm the fan base down is for them to see how bad (or good) he is.

The fans in this case are taking their frustrations out by using hard earn money on Tebow Billboards.

The Denver Post is reporting that some fans are planning to buy two billboards in Denver to implore the Broncos to start Tebow.

This isn’t going to stop, so either the Broncos need to get rid of Backup Jesus or hand him the keys to the manger.

Photo Courtesy Busted Coverage


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