Video: BBWives Draya Michele Says Son Never Taken From Her..Police Say Otherwise


Listen no one is perfect.  We all make mistakes.  We have all had trials and tribulations.  We have all done things that we regret.  The one thing you don’t want to do is compound your mistakes by lying about them.

I have nothing against Draya.  I don’t care if she was a stripper or dated a bunch of athletes and entertainers.  That is her business and her life.  If that is what makes her happy more power to her.

But when you lie on your child, don’t be surprised if someone calls you out.  It wasn’t gossip blogs or people trying to slander you that caused you to get arrested.  It was your poor decisions.  Here is what the POLICE had to say about why Draya was arrested, you might be shocked by what you read.

A 7-year-old Wyomissing boy was coming home from school to an empty apartment and spending nights alone while his mother worked in Philadelphia, borough police said Friday.

The boy told police that he would get off the bus most days and wait for someone to leave or enter the gated parking garage under the apartment complex in the 100 block of North Park Road so he could get into the building, police said.

His mother, Andraya M. Howard, 25, would leave the apartment door unlocked and microwave dinners in the freezer for him, they said.

Police arrested Howard at the apartment Thursday night on a charge of endangering the welfare of a child.

She remained free on $25,000 bail after arraignment before District Judge Ann L. Young in Reading Central Court.

According to court records:

A policeman found the boy alone in a disheveled apartment Dec. 16 about 2 a.m. after the boy called 9-1-1 and told dispatchers he was home alone.

He told Patrolman Kevin M. Quinter that he called his mother’s cell phone about 20 times to find out where she was. He last spoke to her when he called her after getting off the bus. She said she was at a tanning salon and would be home soon.

The apartment looked like it had been ransacked, with women’s undergarments scattered throughout the living room. A small dog was in a cage, and dog feces and dog urine were in several places in the apartment.

While Quinter talked to the boy, the youth got a TV dinner from the freezer, stood on the counter and put it into the microwave.

Police called the boy’s grandmother, who took him home.

She said she had been watching her grandson while Howard went to her job overnight in Philadelphia, but she had not been baby-sitting the boy for a few months.

Howard, who said she worked as a model, returned home about 8:45 a.m. and police told her that her son was in the care of the county Children and Youth Services while they investigated.

Police did not know the status of the child Friday.

They charged Howard on Dec. 30, but did not immediately arrest her because she agreed to surrender to sheriff’s deputies.

When she didn’t, police went to the apartment and arrested her.

You want people to give you the benefit of the doubt Draya, then you are going to need to be a woman and own up to your mistakes. Because this report here, didn’t come from any gossip blogs, TMZ or BSO it came from a police report that INTERVIEWED YOUR SON & MOTHER.

If even 15% of what your son said was true, that is awful on so many levels, you should consider yourself lucky people tend to forgive pretty faces.

You have an opportunity with your Basketball Wives platform to show people you aren’t what we think you are.

So far you are failing miserably, do better.

For those who think this is a made up report here is your proof.

Also you can download the PDF of the case here.

Draya also had a naked pic that was released today.



259 thoughts on “Video: BBWives Draya Michele Says Son Never Taken From Her..Police Say Otherwise

  • Think before you report? People are really something…

    Don’t blame Robert for writing up something that Draya did. If she had taken better care of her son, then the boy wouldn’t have called 911 and there’d BE NOTHING TO REPORT. He probably was scared out his mind!

    Robert is right… people do tend to forgive pretty faces… If this were anyone else, everyone would be calling her a deadbeat mother…

    • i don’t think it’s matters how pretty you are wrong is wrong. but okay robert wrote it up her son was removed there were actions taking against her etc. what more do you people want? I have to wonder if she wasn’t who she is would this really get this much play. i’m pretty sure she was treated as anyone who endangered their childs life. but my questions is;is anyone really thinking about her son? everyone is upset at the situation but did u ever think about her son and how he’s reliving this?

  • The other side of the coin, is if it would have been anyone else, would there ever have been such a huge write up about it in her local paper ????…..I just think of how the son must feel, this happen Dec 2010, now this is a new school year and has to relive this all over again….let it alone already for hsi sake, while kids may not talk, they overhear their parents talk and things trickle down

    • What everone fail to realize is that this girl had this kid at a very young age and she really didn’t know how to rise him then and she probley still don’t.If she did she wouldn’t be on tv she would be trying to fix her mess up with her son and what about her mom she knew her daughter needed help an did nothing remember she said she didn’t keep baby sitting him for months draya was still working so why would she think a 7 year old didn’t need her as well. so all though what she wasn’t right for what she did the apple don’t fall to far from the tree. I think she could use some counseling and parenting classes.

    • Ummmm I am from her town and grew up with this girl and just so you know it wasn’t a “huge” write up in the paper it was in the police log thank u an have a nice day!

      • Yes she did LIE. Andraya’s son was taken into custody of children and youth from HER aprtment and then released to the grandmother. You women make me sad you should really look for better role models and shame on VH1 for conrtibuting to Andraya’s child neglect and lies. Also would like to point out NOBODY from Reading, PA especially the police know who she is or who she was dating. She is known of by our high school class for being a smeeze who smashed every thug and baller in the city then went on to bigger better thugs n ballers by stripping at Delilah’s in Philly. Also I see some people interested in baby daddy. That would be nate workman real classy drug dealer, who is in prison. So Andraya knows damn well she picked that winner and her son has no one but her and she is FAILING. Take your VH1 money and take care of your SON! Stop chasing baller sperm.

        • It’s so sad that misery loves company and we all can see your envy. Remember judge not are you will be judge. The button line is things happen and many of you woman are faulting her. Where is his father he is the one that should take blame as well. This country has taken things out of order…Half of the women in the U.S are not married and are single parents. Be care who you speak on because you will see your life spiral before your very eyes….

          • well I speak on what I have opinions on. I have previously met Andraya on one occasion in high school. (She was fist fighting a girl over some dude LOL)She has bad rep in Reading only because of her own actions. Im certainly not envious as I am happily married and gainfully employed. I’m just appalled at the attitude of its fine to neglect a child cuz other people do it too and shes pretty so she cant be guilty. I really hope her son gets help and someone who loves him and puts him first whether that finally be Andraya or not. The boys father is in jail where he belongs. Andraya should accept responisbility for her actions and apologize and start being a mother, and I believe many people would be quick to forgive and help, myself included.

        • Look at her lookin like a real DUMMIE sit in the pic smilin wit all them ones but couldnt pay a sitter! REE REE lol

        • WOW!!!!!

        • Damn you sound jealous you must want we she got. You sound like a angry high school girl who mad at the pretty girl. LAMFO…..

  • I feel so sorry for the boy. Every child deserves better treatment than that.

  • This makes me so SICK…… All these comments and not one person asked the correct question……WHERE IS THIS CHILDS FATHER!!!!! Why is it always on the mother…. I am tired if the child is not being taken care of then both the mother and the father should go down…… You help make the child and you need to step up and make sure he is cared for just as much as the mother…. Get a life people…. MY mother was on drugs when I was going up sometimes there would be NO FOOD in the house…..Where was my father? Living in a big 500k house with plenty of food and anything he wanted making over 200k a year, yet he did nothing when I beg’d to come live with him…… WHERE IS THE FATHER??????

    • That’s so sad. I’m so sorry you had to go through that. I don’t know if you ever received counseling but it might help. So many people had traumatic experiences growing up and sometimes we need alittle to recover.

    • The fathers name is Nate and he is in jail! as a mother it IS her damn responsibility

      • It’s his responsibility as a father to stay outta jail and help raise his son PERIOD….

        • But he can’t get out now can he??”!! Dummy so until then its HER responsibility ummmm I feel sorry if u have children cause ur idea about motherhood sucks! So if the dad is dead or sick as hell the mom shouldn’t have to do it alone cause he should of kept his ass alive? Girl go read a book n lay down!

    • I agree…. where is the father and why isn’t anyone dragging him through the mud? she is a single mom and does what she has to do…. people are so quick to judge and point fingers…. only one with power to judge is HIM up above!!!!

  • We ALL make mistakes, commit acts of poor judgment, do things we wished we wouldn’t have, have probably done some things we hope to God that noone ever finds out about. I don’t agree with what Draya did but why do we often want to continue punishing someone for something that they will ultimately have to live with? Draya will have to explain (if she already hasn’t) to her son why she did what she did and that is between them to work out. If her son never forgives her or even if he does then that’s their business. I think that sometimes some of us (I’ve done it too) often play the judge and jury as if we have never ever committed any wrongs and the fact that we all have. @Nikki I understand what you are saying about the kid’s father but we don’t know the circumstances involving why he isn’t around (at least I don’t). Draya’s lapse in poor judgment aside..maybe she doesn’t want him around, or maybe he chose not to be around but whatever it is at that particular time she had custody of him and so she is the one held responsible for his health and safety.

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