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Video: BBWives Draya Michele Says Son Never Taken From Her..Police Say Otherwise

by Robert Littal | Posted on Monday, September 5th, 2011
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Listen no one is perfect.  We all make mistakes.  We have all had trials and tribulations.  We have all done things that we regret.  The one thing you don’t want to do is compound your mistakes by lying about them.

I have nothing against Draya.  I don’t care if she was a stripper or dated a bunch of athletes and entertainers.  That is her business and her life.  If that is what makes her happy more power to her.

But when you lie on your child, don’t be surprised if someone calls you out.  It wasn’t gossip blogs or people trying to slander you that caused you to get arrested.  It was your poor decisions.  Here is what the POLICE had to say about why Draya was arrested, you might be shocked by what you read.

A 7-year-old Wyomissing boy was coming home from school to an empty apartment and spending nights alone while his mother worked in Philadelphia, borough police said Friday.

The boy told police that he would get off the bus most days and wait for someone to leave or enter the gated parking garage under the apartment complex in the 100 block of North Park Road so he could get into the building, police said.

His mother, Andraya M. Howard, 25, would leave the apartment door unlocked and microwave dinners in the freezer for him, they said.

Police arrested Howard at the apartment Thursday night on a charge of endangering the welfare of a child.

She remained free on $25,000 bail after arraignment before District Judge Ann L. Young in Reading Central Court.

According to court records:

A policeman found the boy alone in a disheveled apartment Dec. 16 about 2 a.m. after the boy called 9-1-1 and told dispatchers he was home alone.

He told Patrolman Kevin M. Quinter that he called his mother’s cell phone about 20 times to find out where she was. He last spoke to her when he called her after getting off the bus. She said she was at a tanning salon and would be home soon.

The apartment looked like it had been ransacked, with women’s undergarments scattered throughout the living room. A small dog was in a cage, and dog feces and dog urine were in several places in the apartment.

While Quinter talked to the boy, the youth got a TV dinner from the freezer, stood on the counter and put it into the microwave.

Police called the boy’s grandmother, who took him home.

She said she had been watching her grandson while Howard went to her job overnight in Philadelphia, but she had not been baby-sitting the boy for a few months.

Howard, who said she worked as a model, returned home about 8:45 a.m. and police told her that her son was in the care of the county Children and Youth Services while they investigated.

Police did not know the status of the child Friday.

They charged Howard on Dec. 30, but did not immediately arrest her because she agreed to surrender to sheriff’s deputies.

When she didn’t, police went to the apartment and arrested her.

You want people to give you the benefit of the doubt Draya, then you are going to need to be a woman and own up to your mistakes. Because this report here, didn’t come from any gossip blogs, TMZ or BSO it came from a police report that INTERVIEWED YOUR SON & MOTHER.

If even 15% of what your son said was true, that is awful on so many levels, you should consider yourself lucky people tend to forgive pretty faces.

You have an opportunity with your Basketball Wives platform to show people you aren’t what we think you are.

So far you are failing miserably, do better.

For those who think this is a made up report here is your proof.

Also you can download the PDF of the case here.

Draya also had a naked pic that was released today.



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  1. Sue says:

    I need to call my mother because I just realized when I was home alone and a latch key kid it was child neglect. My mom was abandoned by her husband my dad and she had to work two jobs just to feed us and could not afford a nanny or babysitter

    • pumpkin says:

      what kind of mother would do this!!!! she was blinded by the fame not doing her real responsbilities at home. dirty gurl.

      • Jay says:

        My ma and paps left me and my sisters at the house. My oldest sister was 10 and I was 7. We knew how to take care ourselves. So Jackie, Imani, Laura, Gloria u gonna be mad at my mama?

        • Coke says:

          Yes…….what’s wrong wit theses bitches(lady) I no a least50 of MOTHER’S DID WHAT THEY HAD TO DO TO MAKE LIFE WORK. how many lady’s have to do it all. Think bout how they done it.

    • Lotus says:

      I was literally just thinking this ish. i woulda got the beat down if I called the cops

    • Was your mom a stripper?

    • Slynn says:

      So many of us were left at home. Do you call military parents out? They do this all the time and sometimes the kids are younger than this. You do what you have to to survive. It’s a dog eat dog world and some folks need to get them some business. Gloria is a witch for bringing the girl on the show and so is producer Shawnee. The show has stooped to a level that has me looking at other channels for entertainment. I think it’s become way too negative and they seem like a bunch of jealous women with nothing better to do than to pick on someone they think they are better than. I’m just saying. Imani only God can judge but you seem to be the biggest judge out on the court. So she’s cute? Get over it. You’re an old washed up hag. Stop hating.

  2. Annie want to know Where are the wives says:

    Does anyone know if she was found guilty? Anyone can be arrested but to be found guilty is a whole other ball game?
    I feel these Basketball play things (they are not wives but two Malaysia and Jackie) could have really helped Draya grow up and guide but after hearing how most of them were not even married but just baby mamma’s I guess not. Did Draya learn from her mistakes, was she charged with a crime, was she truly sorry?
    If the curtain was pulled back and we could count all of the skeletons in the closet of Draya’s critics you rock throwers would be running for cover. That is if you had any decency unlike the playthings and shack ups on the Basketball Wives LA and Miami. Come on! Most of these girls were not even married. How come they got away with punking us while getting us to tune in to see real Basketball Wives not playthings or shack up groupies

  3. Annie want to know Where are the wives says:

    Nother question: How do the real Basketball LA wives feel about the fakes one getting a show called Basketball Wives. THEY INSULT OUR INTELLIGENCE BY NAMING IT SOMETHING IT AINT!

  4. Anonymous says:

    If a white person said what Laura did about white is right and she is never going back to black they’d be calling for a boycott of the show and it would make national news. Girl don’t blame brothers for spreading your legs wide open. It’s like taking candy from a baby and even white guys would jump on it. By encouraging Imani to get her freak on for casual sex do you want her to have 4 babies out of wedlock like you? Really?
    Who you calling a Hoe Laura? Draya has one kid out of wedlock you have 4 which is three more than Draya if you can coung

  5. Anonymous says:

    Made a typo. I meant if you can count, not coung

  6. Sasha says:

    Love the pic of her laying in dollar bills. Curious as to y her azz couldn’t use that money to pay a sitter? Grandma must have gotten tired of watching that child for hours…days…etc. So they called her out! So what! She acted like someone was making that ish up…so clearly she still don’t get it. If u defend her…in my eyes…u no better. We as a society need to protect our babies..not sweep things under the rug cause it has nothing to do with us. I applaud that officer for following through with checking her. Take responsibility for your child and your actions Draya…geesh!

    • Coke says:

      Uneed to meet a real SINGLE MOTHER. Not a lady wit kids AREAL SINGLE MOTHER. then u would understand. SOME TIME I PUT MY FAITH N GO HE LET ME NO THAT HE WAS GONNA TAKE THAT WALK ALONG WIT ME. I PRAYED. ON IT cause God nu that if i didn’t get up n go to work we all would parish

  7. Sasha says:

    Ps…I use to date this kid in highschool that was on the basketball team and I own a basketball. Can I be on the next Basketball Wives of NJ? Lol….Seems like anyone can get on that show…I’m just sayin!!!

    • Cocoa says:

      I hope she can get the help that she needs, and yes lots of people were latch key kids and still are but not over night. I think the point is we still need not to judge ppl when we have our own skeletons.

      • Sasha says:

        People do have skeletons but hers are very public. She chose to be on this show which makes her a public figure. I wish her luck but people are entitled to their opinions. Being a mother allows me to say if this is true…as a mother…this is pathetic and shows her true character…not the one cut and pasted on a half hr “reality show”. That child is a real person…who will remember this…who is forever shaped by these events….that’s the real…. as real as that police report……there r no excuses…cut and dry! Somebody needs to stand up for these kids…skeletons or not!

  8. Lex says:

    I have seen it all. Just because she’s pretty people really defending her? Smh it was on a police website. How can you forge that? Have some sympathy for her kid. These tacky ass reality shows should be ashamed of themselves and the people they put on it. All these BBall chicks is sad.

    • Cocoa says:

      Exactly! They did not have to do that nor did they need to aire that. We just live in such a world that ppl tend to judge as if they have no screw ups at all. Yes that was messed up what Draya did, however these women was searching for a reason not to like her from the very beginning.

    • Slynn says:

      You are right but she doesn’t have to admit to nothing. That’s something she’s got to deal with and pretty has nothing to do with you as a person if you did wrong you only have to answer to God. This show is so degrading to women especially AA women!

  9. Kay Kay says:

    OK What Draya did if it was true was wrong, but no one but the person doing what they are doing knows why they are doing it. Who the “F” are these basketball “wives” to judge? Especially Laura!!! Wasn’t there a whole bunch of talk about her betraying Shaq’s wife? Is home wrecking your style? yeah LOL two wrongs don’t make a right booboo! Gloria…Bitch you were talking all that shit about Royce and now about Draya when you right there with them SHOWING YOUR ASS FOR MONEY! So STFU and Sit down Thank You! Jackie…you ain’t no saint I can read right through your old scandalish ways but You better watch it with Laura she might just screw yo man like she did to Shaunie and there just might not be wedding 17 LMAO it will probably be Divorce # 4! HAHAHAHA. Jackie If you shaking it right in bed there is no need for you to feel you have to watch who you bring around your husband if the girl slides up and down a pole or not, Right? thank you! Imani needs to STFU too cause she is just a little pussy cat in heat! Who in the hell discusses with their children which are under the age of 8! if they should start dating and what qualities a man should have? Check yourself before you talk about the next one!and stop being so damn jealous like really you were crying cause you don’t have anyone to kiss you after you saw them kissing? Jackie again you better watch your girl LOL Malaysia is cool so far but if you aint ready to take the heat (you spilled the beans to Draya first about the whole Draya wedding invite) then don’t go running your mouth. None of ya’ll are perfect examples on there STOP Lying cause everyone has baggage and everyone has dirty laundry! Draya you need to clean up your image and own up to whatever you did if you did do it since you want to be in the public eye, it’s just the way things work BooBoo.

  10. Keisha says:

    She made a bad decision, I’m sure she wishes it didn’t go down like that. Don’t forgive her because, she pretty in the face forgive her because, everyone deserves a second chance.Laura needs to shut the fuck up, look at the decision you made having an a affair with a married man. Another bad decision you made was having another baby your not even married.Imani does your older kids forgive you for leaving them with your mother so you could be with your NBA baller boyfriend.

  11. Maudy says:

    Normally I bypass all the nonsense bit I jus felt compelled to comment on this issue. Although draya is a public figure her child is not, so when it comes to her son I think evdryoneone should stay in there lane. We all have done things as parents tgat we are not proud of but we do try or best, there are also two sides to every story and to be honest draya doesnt owe anyone her side becuase at the end of the day all the people who are critizing this women aren’t going to lend a helping hand, including her “judgemental” castmates. I remember being 7 years old and my dad teaching me how to catch public trans to and from school, preparing my own meals, and how to not to answer the phone if no one was home. And honestly it built character. Im jus saying before everyone throws stones make sure you dont live in a glass house!

  12. Amazed says:

    I think a lot of people missed the point. I understand being a latch key kid. Draya was at a tanning salon and showed up the next morning. Her son did not have a key and had to wait for someone to leave the building. Come on! And the docs were real. She also has DUI charges. Found them on the PA website.

  13. LaWisher says:

    First of all, Laura is effed up for being slick and fighting Draya in the ring like she did. LAURA should have let Draya know the beef she had, so Draya could square up properly. 2nd Why in the hell is Laura got her fake ugly as face on Baskeball wives any ways? She sleeps with married men, she needs to find a guy of her own and quit calling Draya out on the carpet. Jackie needs to be aware of her hubby, because Laura is notorious for sleeping with married men. Then having kids out of wedlock, Laura didn’t do it once she did it 4 times. SO NOW IF YOU READ THIS LAURA, I HOPE YOU FEEL STUPID. I HOPE SHAUNIE BEATS YOUR UGLY ASS UNTIL YOU LOOK DECENT!!!! WHY DON’T YOU AND I HAVE A FRIENDLY EXERCISE IN THE RING, LETS SEE WHO WINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Vaner21 says:

      Hahahahahahahahahahaha Laura ypu just got punked you fat ass whore …..have you read the bible thou shall not commit adultery….get your own man and leave other women men alone

  14. LaWisher says:

    Much luv to you Draya, every one makes mistakes. Learn from this poor decision you made. You don’t owe any one any thing, every parent is guilty of leaving their kids at home alone at one time or another. At the end of the day all you have his your son. Let the haters hate, because that is all they know how to do. Keep your head up and remember God is always in your corner!!

  15. Pat says:

    First of all Miss Jackie has no class she is Rough low class and thinks she is all that and who renew wedding vows every year she is lucky she is married to a basketball player but she must be insecure to renew wedding vows yr after yr and Imani was very stupid to stay engaged for 9yrs and having all these kids stupid!! And Gloria is stupid also she will probably not be with Matt for long this is the dumbest low class group of women that are quietly GOLDDIGGERS!!!

  16. deloooo says:

    Laura I can’t stand you if I was draya I would have beat your ass you are not bad for real. You are weak

  17. The Truth says:

    First of all, where is the police report? Second if this alleged officer gave some reporter all of that information he should be fired. This story isn’t adding up. This sounds like some made up story that some self hating jealous person concocted to attempt to trash someone for whatever reason. I can’t stand gossip this is ridiculous.

    • BRITNEYBURKS says:


  18. Have loved this site for a long time, thank you so much for the effort you put into each and every part of it.

  19. Vaner21 says:

    The only reason i like this season is becuz of Draya and she is tha realist but Basketball Wives Miami went hard because of that real ass girl Tami….. but with all the rest of the fake ass hoes yall are some none muthafuckin factors(includes Laura, Gloria, Jackie, Imani, Shaunie, Jennifer, and Meeka Claxton- dont come back for the next season ofr Tami really gone tear yo ass up)

  20. SADD says:

    I do not like what I am hearing happen to a child. But these women have been against Draya from day one. You found something, now what? People make mistakes… Didn’t one of you date another woman huband? (Shak)!!!! Say what it really is, she is a threat. It is what it is…. I love my babies but who are we to past judgement on her. You all are damn fools on TV, getting paid and making black women look even worse. Stop haten on this your lady and be a role model for her. Oh that’s right you guys can’t…. You are no better!!!! Where are your kids at? It’s a crime you grown women are acting like this on television.

  21. Tosha says:

    Thank God the police didn’t catch me 10 yrs ago. Because my son was definitely a latch key kid at the age of 7. Get off the bus, come inside, call me at work, pop what I have for him in the microwave and I would arrive home from work in the next hour and a half. SHOUTS OUT TO ALL OF THE PERFECT PARENTS WHO NEVER RESULTED TO LEAVING YOUR CHILDREN HOME ALONE!!!!

    • NEXT HOUR >>>> 9am in the morning

      • aneedabaker says:

        THere is a big difference from one hour and a half to 7 hours! There is no excuse! You worked to pay the bills, she worked to get her boobs done. Its obvious. But i’ll say this those older girls are no better. They r bullies and should be ashamed of themselves to put that little boy on blast. Now he has to go to school and parents who watch this show will tell the kids who goes to school with draya’s son and may make fun of him and call his mother names. I have a problem when grown people speak without thinking of the consequences. She effed up and hopefully leanrned from it. End of story.

  22. Vaner21 says:

    Drama drama one minute they taling about the girl like a dog and the next minute they right in her face becuz they know that a single mother has to do what she has to do to make it especially when they got a sorry babydaddy on there hand its hard for single mothers who have to work and cant find no babysitters. They teach you in school about latch key kids and it is no against the law to have a latch key kid……Laura Jackie Imani and Gloria are messy messy wanna be’s.

  23. aneedabaker says:

    what’s up with these housewives? They look/dress broke as hell! Ugliest housewives as of yet!

  24. Paula B says:

    There is a HUGE difference from being a latch key kid, who came home from school and had parents who came home a couple hours later from work. This sad excuse for an egg donor didn’t give her kid a way to get in the house….so she could tan??????? Seriously? The kid is seven years old and he has no key to get in the house, he calls your cell 20 times and you never answer? She is pathetic, because she also had other options. She had a mother who would watch him for her!!! SO if her Mama quit on her it was because she knew she wasn’t working just being a selfish tramp!

  25. Mrs Hatcher says:

    1st off I wanna say that Draya is a bad ass bitch! She’s pretty as hell and her body is banging so all them judgemental ass bitches r hating on her. 2nd Jackie…u b killing me. U stay saying that Draya needs help and u wanna help her but u stay shitting on her and tryna play her the fuck out. U ain’t tryna help or save her u just wanna play her and before u judge u need look back on ur past and c how u were married 3x! U prob didn’t get wit ur husband until right b4 he became a “has been!” And Laura….if Draya isn’t a factor in ur life then y did u and Jackie go digging up dirt on her? She plays a very big role in ur life….OBVIOUSLY! Imani…u were engaged 4 9 years. I’m sure that’s enough said. NOBODY is engaged 4 9 fucking years…go cry bout that lol! Wutever she did is in her passed and it’s there 4 a reason. And Draya is better than me bc NO BITCH is gonna question me about a damn thing and think I owe them an explaination. Ya’ll just met her and she dnt have 2 tell ya’ll shit so get the fuck outta her face and worry bout the bs that’s going on ur life. She seems 2 have come up just fine. Basketball Wives LA would have been turned out if I was Draya!

  26. lucian lily says:

    if she wasnt well kno it woundnt matter 2 us if we care so much wat about all the other strippers who are single mom u dont care about wat they do right well guess wat celebs are human beings like us 2 always try 2 remember dat bunch of finger pointers some of kno of or have exprince wat she did(if she did it) if she didnt do it he wont eat i bet u that kid has the best in everything

  27. michelle j says:

    jackie, i really think you need to spend time with your mother, and leave draya along,however it seems to me that you are not happy with your self, or your marriage,my opinion is,you are a bully,grow the fuck up and get it together,and stop being so insecure,i believe you are jealous of draya,,,draya keep your head up,, pray and ask god to forgive you,,you do not need drama or negativity in your life,,, may god always be with you ,,take care

  28. Leekah says:

    Ugh some people honestly need to stfu ! at 7 a lot of people were left alone ! She is a single parent you have to do wtf you gotta do to make ends meet && ppl saying the fame got to her she wasn’t even famous yet fools ! It isnt neglect she aint leave the kid for months with no food or nothing she made sure he went to school had clothes on his back && food to eat ! shit if she dont then who will? && if shes not working so she cant feed him then that would be neglect right? smh its a lose lose situation with the media && this damn system LEAVE DRAYA ALONE !!

  29. Jasmine says:

    The need to leave Draya alone! Im not taking up for her because of her looks good, im taking up for her because she’s a human being. And the other girls ganging up on her is wrong and disrespectful…. I mean their the wolves and she’s the peice of meat! Like really who have’nt been left at the house by themselves, i mean my mom left me at the house by myself and i woke up like wtf and i was locked in think i didnt want to call the cops!!! So because she’s a celebrity and she did it its 10x wrong!!!!!!Let it go people!

  30. Dana says:

    Does anyone know where the boy’s father was? What kind of man plants his child in the belly of a woman who wouldn’t/couldn’t take care of him/her?

  31. ashley wycoff says:

    1st off who’s bizzness is this all ya’ll have yall own problems just like gloris n laura she was screwing o’neal but did anybody put up a fuss no but dey got everthing unda dah sun 2 say bout draya do ur thang gur im a single mother n an dis hoes couldnt walk a mile n my shoe so!!

  32. delredd says:

    yeah, every1 makes stupid mistakes i hope that draya has learn from it. please ya’ll lay off her we really doesn’t no rather this shit is true/false, so y worry. i don’t like no1 2 harm kids/dogs i don’t think at all draya did this on purpose 2 hurt her kid. i watch this shitty ass show bcuz of draya the rest of these bitches r ugly, out-of-shaped, mean, full of hate towards draya look as hard n the butt fucking ugly like a man, except 4 draya/malaysia.draya i hope that u have enough sense not 2 become friends with jackie & the rest if the ugly pack of she-devils that’s a NO NO. jackie seems 2 have a obsession about draya pay very closely 2 each episode, she loves saying DRAYA’S name.

  33. Bbob2011 says:

    BBWifes is a useless show. It shows that people will do anything for money. I feel bad for the youth of today who measure their worth with money.It’s clear most of the women need help.They are setting the wrong example for young girls.They tend to try to solve their conflicts with alcohol and food.To myself they seem to be uneducated and very ignorant. One dosn’t have to know them to know them. Actors are nothing more than we let them be. If they didnot have athletes for husbands they would be non factors.

  34. harley says:

    Okayy why the hell do those women on there wanna bully somebody about shit that ain’t even their business anyways! They just nosey bitches for real that need to stick to their own shit cause everyone of them on the show has some drama,imani can’t find a man…Laura has four kids,Gloria and her boyfriend can’t get along,and Jackie is just a shit starter from hell she’s starting beef between everybody…only one I’ve seen on this show that really seems to keep to herself is Malaysia and she acts dingy as hell…and NONE of them are actually “basketball” wives! Get em off.

  35. Cindy says:

    Its amazing how the women want to talk about Draya and what happened to her son. They arent even thinking about what they would have done in the same situation. Half the world is living with latchkey kids in a house they need to get over themselves. What they should have done was get together and get in a car and go find her son’s father and whip his natural ass cause if he hadnt left her with all the responsibility to deal with on her own this wouldnt have happened. what happened to being black women down for a beat down for a dead beat dad. They need to stop their crap. They are some miserable women with the need for someone to pick on. They need to get over themselves.

  36. amie says:

    well come the main point of nay reality show is money the people in the show and the producers want money I dont know what to beleiev with that said Drays is young and seems really aier headed with no concious whos to blame the world look all over tv and this world people are vain and egotisical so when u dont dont have a concious and cant think for youreself this world treaches u to self destruct and her mind seems dead so like the world teaches u is moneys is important so she when it got it and who knows and may have put her child iin danger but at the same time thinking this is a way to a better life like sopciety and the world teaches ALL OF US GOD CAN ONLY TAKE U SO FAR HES NOW HERE WITH US PHYSICALLY AND BEING POOR IS DESURCTIVE ITSELF IN THIS WORLD!!! THY SHALL NOT JUDGE AND GODD BLESS ALL THE WOMEN IN THE SHOW AS LONG AS THEY’RE NOT KILLING ANYONE AND EACH OTHER AND I HOPE RTHEY DONATE SOME OF THEIR MONEY AND TRY TO CHANGE THE WORLD !!!

  37. Thanks for the commentary. I agree with pretty much all the things you stated. Thanks once more

  38. lisa says:

    you people are crazy… is not only leaving a child alone all night is the dirty house and the fact that she went stripping!!! come on you can try to make a living but you want to be greedy and go make lots of money to buy yourself expensive bags and shoes and not take care of your blood? that’s disgusting!

  39. lisa says:

    bitch I speak 5 languages, I doubt you do too!!!

  40. Leandra says:

    I dnt give a fck what the grl did and neither shuld any one else… im soon ta be a mother and i wuld never do anything like that ta my child or anyone elses, bt so what if she did or didnt… everybody got something ta say about her situation and how wrong she was about it, bt all everyone is doing is talkin about it. Aint no body doin nothing about the situation so jst shut the hell up and worry about your own damn kids and who the hell they callin n tellin on yalls ass!!!!

  41. jdstarr says:

    Being a “latchkey kid” is not the same as being left alone in a filthy apartment with dog urine and feces all over. Really??? Did you all miss the part that her son stated when he finally was able to get in touch with her she told him she was at the tanning salon? Coming home after school and being home a few hours alone while you wait for your mom to come home is again not the same as having to fend for yourself and probably being alone more often than not.

  42. Andre Golbin says:

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  46. Naooo says:

    My mom used to leave me home to go to work. I knew what to do, how to get in the house, etc. And if i couldn’t get in the house I knew who to go to. Ive been staying home by myself since i was in the 2nd grade. Im pretty sure her child wasn’t dumb, he was handling himself for that long. She had to go make money to support them. She made a mistake, WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU TO JUDGE HER? GOD? HELL NO! So shut the hell up. “he without sin, cast the first stone…” and that applies to no one in this world. She is trying to change her life and move on, so you guys should move on too. As you can see her son happens to doing fine. Draya doesn’t owe anyone in this world an explanation. If she decides not to expose her personal business to the world, so be it. Thats a sensitive topic that probably hurts her to talk about. Only god and herself knows if it is true or not, but if it was true i wouldnt want to discuss it with nation television and people i barely even know. Leave the girl alone, you have a life to live. There are so many stripper, hoes, and bad mothers in the world that aren’t getting exposed. So let her live her life

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  49. MiSSz Byrd~Mendez says:

    The truth of the matter Draya should have never left her son home alone for any think. I don’t care if she went next door to borrow a cup of sugar, she should alway have her child with her. And if she’s not ready to be a mom then give her son up for adoption, and become the best WHORE/HOE she wants to be.

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