7 thoughts on “Draya Michele Police Report BBWives LA

  • I personally think that we all make mistakes. No its not right to do this to a child. Everyone makes mistakes no one is perfect. Its hard for single mothers. We have to do whatever to take care of our kids. Regardless if the dead beat dads do it or not. And stop haten on her for strippen. I don’t knock ya hustle. Gotta get it out here. We all learn off our mistakes. I’m sure she learned a valid lesson. I would never leave my young child home alone, but it’s over let her go on with her life.

  • I see a bunch of wannabe’s, illegit baby making bitchs who have done some of everything trying to stand in judgement of anything,Jackie needs to unshine her greasy her face treat her(deceased )mom with respect,wonder why her daughter is writing a tell all book about her wretched behind and wonder why she got married(3) times before she found a mark. Laura is champion of illegitmate mothers…with 4 kids in a2 bedroom apt wanting Gilbert to take care of her. Pls, letting Shaq poke her stanky ass while pretending to friends with Mrs. O’Neal. Skank Gloria is such a damn fool she does not realize it and she knows Matt is taping,but does not care bercause she is looking for the payoff. Imani is beyond help and unworthy of comment. Staying with Jackson(the baby) and being left at the alter, what a stupid prideless cunt. Mayalasia and Tanya, too together to even be in the same room with this drivel. What a tacky classless show. Please take it off. It is embrassing to all women.

    • @Maggie Pearl Everything you said is on the money. @ I’M ME U AS WELL BOTH OF YOU GUYS HAD VERY GOOD POINTS.
      To be honest with you ladies if my lil sis did not watch the show, I would not know what goes on, but I just don’t like any of them besides Mayalasia Tanya and Draya.
      I luv Ur comments girls!!!

      • iReally agree draya we will luv you as you are .! we all have made mistakes nd jackie wants draya to say sum bad about laura so she caan go back and ell her she is very messy never call jackie your friend.

        luv yhu

  • The episode of basketballwives were the wives are accusing draya of being all kinds of trash struck me…
    For some reason the whole thing struck me as akin to the Italian movie “Malena” were an old sicilian town during WW2 go against a beautiful woman simply because she is beautiful. Though Draya comes accross as aloof, and it is hard to relate to her… Maybe it is because all of the people that have betrayed her. Well, i looked up the police report/docket and… nothing comes up for the number that is given in the “police reports” on line. Maybe her claim that the police report is fake is TRUE. hmmm?




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