Video: BBWives Draya Michele Shows You How to Work The Stripper Pole

There is a portion of our population that looks down upon strippers.

To me it is just another job like working at a Call Center or being on ESPN NFL Countdown, they aren’t checking your resume that hard.

The concept of paying for strippers though, I have never understood.

I have a friend who religiously goes to the strip club every two weeks (that’s when he gets paid) and spends around $250.

My theory is you can use that same $250 on a regular woman (probably a little less if you are Dollarnaire crafty) and you can end getting more than a five minute lap dance to Gucci Mane. If you spend your $250 wisely, you can easily be at the Laquinta Inn having your lady do her own stripper tricks for you behind close doors.

You can also catch a movie and go to PF Changs all for that same $250.  I would rather spend that on one young lady, than a woman who is being passed around the strip club like a Vince Carter trade rumor.

Anyway Draya from the Basketball Wives: LA made her name stripping so it isn’t surprising she has a few moves on the pole.  You can check them out on the video below.  As I was watching I was like…………

Not bad, not bad at all. I can see why she was popular with the athletes and entertainers.


She also just had naked picS leaked NSFW.



19 thoughts on “Video: BBWives Draya Michele Shows You How to Work The Stripper Pole

  • It’s not so much the job, but the lifestyle and mentality that accompanies it.

    She does look good though

  • draya looks fucking hott, really she’s showing the whole wide world how well she do in the bedroom or anywhere she loves 2 fuck etc. see how jackie’s face lights up when she sees draya spinning on that pole 2 me jackie’s reacts like a fucking horny ass man. jackie has a crush on draya she loves calling her name even if she’d not around. jackie is starting 2 wear her shit piece ass weave like draya but this big ugly ass man face bitch is still butt fucking ugly. no no jackie u will never ever look like draya u could play n ur old nasty cunt all u want about her. JACKIE THE CLOSET THAT U WILL GET 2 B WITH SOME1 LIKE DRAYA N UR FUCKING NASTY ASS DREAMS. SO LAY BACK N CREAM & DREAM DIKE JACKIE.LTFOL!!!!!!!

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