Video: Bruce Feldman Deliverers Ether to ESPN

The short version of this story is that Feldman who has been reporting on ESPN forever decided to write a book with former Texas Tech coach Mike Leach.

Another ESPN employee Craig James was instrumental in getting Leach fired (said Leach mistreated his son). Leach in turned sued ESPN.

Feldman claims that ESPN knew the entire time he was working with Leach, but then mysteriously suspended him even though they had approved it and had 100% knowledge of what he was doing.

Media people outside of ESPN went nuts (Feldman is well respected), took to twitter, blogs, radio and other avenues blasting ESPN and demanding Feldman be taken off suspension. Eventually Feldman resumed his duties, but in his words the damaged had been done and even though he wasn’t technically suspended he had in essence been blackballed.

Now that you have the backstory listen to Feldman explain it in his own words on the Dan Patrick Show. I can’t say I am surprised by what he is saying, but he speaks on it so clearly and in a matter of fact way it makes you say “woah”. At the end of the interview peep the little nugget that Dan Patrick dropped in there. Makes you understand how things have changed at the World Wide leader.

Props to the Sports Grid for the video.

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