Video: Cam Newton Highlights & Why Panthers Fan Should Be Cautiously Optimistic

By now you know the numbers and all the rookie records.

24/37 422 yards, 3 Total TDs and 1 Int.

I strongly suggested that Cameron sit for a few weeks before being thrown to the Wolves.  I can admit when I was wrong he seem poised and not overwhelmed by the moment.

The one thing a noticed was better today than any time during the preseason was his footwork.  They lead to a lot more accurate passes.  Having Steve Smith helps of course.

As a Panther fan you should be encouraged, but just remember a career isn’t made in one quarter, half or game.  One of trait about being great that is overlooked is consistency.

But definitely Cam is off to a great start in proving his critics (not haters) wrong.

5 thoughts on “Video: Cam Newton Highlights & Why Panthers Fan Should Be Cautiously Optimistic

  • You say tomato, I say tomahto you say critic i say hater.

  • I understand it’s only one game and I understand he was playing against the Cardinals but the boy was out there looking like a well-seasoned QB for his NFL debut and on the road!! He was patient and poised and I loved his mix of passes and runs with the ball. Black QBs have been struggling to meet expectations the past 5-7 years and many have been busts or swallowed into the depth charts. Maybe, just maybe Killer Cam can be the start of more great black QBs who can consistently prove the haters, I mean critics, wrong!

    • Cam is going to have HIS Struggles Just Like every QB Does that doesn’t have TRULY Outstanding Talent & Coaching around Him but Cam has the Essential TOOLS to make it happen in the NFL (Real)

      Him and Josh Freeman down in Tampa are going to be The Benchmark for ELITE Black QBs for Years to Come IMO

      Vick and Big-Ben are Deadly Accurate, CLUTCH and TOUGH QBs that can MAKE IT HAPPEN… And I can SEE BOTH Cam & Josh joining Those RANKS !!!

  • Steve Smith ?!!? WTF are YOU Smoking Dude… SS hasn’t Done Jack-SHYT the last 2 Years if ANYTHING Cam made HIM a Better WR (Real!!!)

    If YOU can’t give this Young Brother his DUE then You’re NO BETTER than Those Black-Face COON-AZZ Niggas over at BSPN… Get a Grip, Sit Back and ENJOY The Cam Newton Experience (WORD)

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