Video: Floyd Mayweather & 50 Cent Talks Money & Delivers Ether in Boxers on 24/7

The 2nd episode of HBO’s Mayweather vs. Ortiz 24/7 wasn’t as explosive as episode one, but it did have a few tidbits worth mentioning.

First was 50 Cent giving Mayweather some sound advice on his father during their money chat. You know that Mayweather has a serious gambling problem because he is putting serious cash on NFL preseason games.

The middle portion of the show was pretty mundane except for the part where Oscar De La Hoya tries to discredit every Mayweather opponent including himself. If his goal was to make Ortiz think he should feel like the favorite it failed miserably.

It appears to me that Ortiz is getting a bit overwhelmed by the moment, he didn’t sound confident at all.

Roger Mayweather got his segment in which is always good for a few laughs.

The ending though is where Floyd shows why he makes 24/7 so interesting. While jogging in his boxers he drops the following gems in the video below.

Mayweather 24/7 Part 2 by BlackSportsOnline

Ortiz to step up to the plate and sell the fight. If it is to do well on PPV people have to believe he has a shot to beat Floyd and he doesn’t even sound convinced he can beat Mayweather.

Either way BSO will be providing all your pre and post fight coverage live from Vegas.

Oh one last thing can we get some more of Miss Jackson.