Video: Fox Sports Welcomes Colorado & Utah to Pac 10 By Making Fun of Asian Students


I’m assuming this was suppose to be funny.

You have a Fox Sports reporter on the USC campus speaking on Colorado and Utah making their way to the Pac 10 (soon to be Pac 12).  The reporter says he is going to get some USC students to give the teams a welcome to the league.

I thought he was just going to grab some random students, get some general maybe silly quotes and keep it moving.  Instead he grabs all Asian students and attempts to make them look like idiots.

Just a failed attempt at humor. I would expect this from Fox News, not Fox Sports.


    • How do you report the news without talking about it? Also, is it possible to talk about something without “promoting” it?

  1. That wasn’t too bad…anyway the most racist people in the world are orientals….not asians but orientals specifically…..chinese, japanese, koreans etc. They hate everyone that doesn’t have slanty eyes and yellow skin.

  2. so what! he’s a comedian. that’s what they do is make fun of people. he made of fun of their accents and they fact there are numerous students who attend universities that could care less about football.

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