Video: HBO’s Larry Merchant Threatens To Kick Floyd Mayweather’s Ass


Larry Merchant and Floyd Mayweather have a history.

Merchant never seems to give Floyd the credit that Mayweather thinks he deserves.

This has been going on for years, so it isn’t surprising they would get into after the fight. Considering how the fight ended I am not surprised that this happened……..

Floyd didn’t give Larry Merchant much of a chance to talk, dropping the classic lines of….

“HBO should fire your ass”

“You don’t know sh*t about boxing”.

Larry hit Floyd with the….

“If I was 50 years younger I would kick your ass”.

Almost as good as the fight to be honest.

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  1. All in all, Ortiz brought it on himself. He was the one who couldn’t handle the pressure and out of frustration headbutted Mayweather. Was it kinda cheap the way Mayweather ended the fight, yeah, but no one knows how much that headbutt hurt Floyd. I would probably have done the same thing.

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