Video: Kimmi Kennedy Talks Antonio Tarver, Losing His Baby & Why She Isn’t Jump Off


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Yesterday we brought you the story of model Kimmi Kennedy and boxer Antonio Tarver (Kimmi Kennedy Exposes Married Boxer Antonio Tarver For Not Buying Her Plane Ticket).

It was your standard story. Married athlete dealing with someone not his wife, hacked messages, model pics, simpish behavior and the enviable MediaTakeOut story.

Miss Kennedy would like to tell her side of the story.


If I had a piece of advice for Miss Kennedy it is if you want people to take your video a tad but more seriously maybe ease up on the boobs so close to the screen.

I am just saying it is very distraction and makes it hard to focus on the message.

Also Bossip got a hold of some BBM messages take a look.

Kimmi Kennedy: I miss you though…
Kimmi Kennedy: R u mad at me or something? I can’t a response…
MagicMan: No KK I’m not mad let’s skype in a few
MagicMan: Headed to the official weigh-in stay up I want to see your face.
Kimmi Kennedy: All for you!! <3
MagicMan: It better f__king be if I ever find out you ever lied to me I’m gonna cut your fu__king throat!!
Kimmi Kennedy: It is! Cross my heart & hope to die!
Kimmi Kennedy: U see the pics?
MagicMan: Yes baby I see the pics
Kimmi Kennedy: Going to bed its 5 am
Kimmi Kennedy: Have a good night love
MagicMan: Nite nite
Kimmi Kennedy: Good morning champ!
Kimmi Kennedy: One more day!!!
Kimmi Kennedy: Btw… I thought long & hard about what you said to me on skype last night. If you are seriously trying to f__k with me, I got no problem taking down, censoring or disconnecting from any of that stuff. It means nothing to me… But you do.. ;;)
MagicMan: If that’s you means of income I can’t ask that you just give that up but if you and I are gonna be spending a lot more time together then I just want to be comfortable with us.

Kimmi Kennedy: No baby I’m good don’t worry about that… More like a hobby that I make money from sometimes. Its not necessary.l
MagicMan: Well 7K a month is crazy money KK for a hobby
Kimmi Kennedy: I planned on quitting in 2012. Been planning it for a year Lol… So I was like let me build one more site for the last hoora… Its not generating that right now because I need to completely rebuild it. But at its peak I was making that of members and products. I’m really over it… To be honest but what do I do with all these pics and videos lol
Kimmi Kennedy: Listen baby ultimately you take precedence over that. Right now where I am mentally I prefer this thing with you over all that.
MagicMan: Ok KK I understand and that’s great but I want us to walk slow ok
Kimmi Kennedy: And I have to admit I’m leary… I know your in a strange place right now, your not just coming out a relationship but a marriage. So I am really careful about how I go about things with you. I don’t want you to feel like we in a relationship we are just gonna have fun and it is what is. No pressure just mutual respect…
Kimmi Kennedy: Besides after being married and now your free I’m sure you wanna run around and f__k a bunch bitches… Lol. And if that is the case do your thing.
MagicMan: Shut up!
Kimmi Kennedy: I’m just being realistic and I know you Antonio
Kimmi Kennedy: Its all good either way… Why I gotta shut up lolz! I’m not gonna lie to myself
Kimmi Kennedy: Babe what time is the fight tomorrow?
MagicMan: 8:30am check live feed on internet
Kimmi Kennedy: Ok
Kimmi Kennedy: What time and day is there now? I’m trying see what time that will be here. They post the link like 2 hours before the fight
MagicMan: You don’t need to announce to the world why you doing what you doing if its from your heart KK
MagicMan: 11:13am
Kimmi Kennedy: When do you come home?
Kimmi Kennedy: I deleted it… You took all the fun and innocence out of it.
Kimmi Kennedy: Ur a big meanie lol :(
MagicMan: You deleted what?
Kimmi Kennedy: What I wrote on my FB page

Kimmi Kennedy: Moving along that’s silly, when do you come home baby? That’s all I wanna know
MagicMan: I get to LA Thurs
Kimmi Kennedy: You not going to florida?
MagicMan: Yes I just told you when I was getting back to the States.
Kimmi Kennedy: K
Kimmi Kennedy: When am I gonna get to see you?
MagicMan: Asap..
Kimmi Kennedy: Can’t wait to see your big head!
MagicMan: You better be praying hard as hell right now that we look great winning this fight because its so very important.
Kimmi Kennedy: I am praying baby… I know you gonna win this. I got faith in you. You know what you have to do…
Kimmi Kennedy: Like you said this one is for you… God has hand on you, he wouldn’t have brought you this far. You got a duty to prove that this is your game, failure is not an option. F__k Danny Green up, take that belt and bring your ass back to me
Kimmi Kennedy: Channel all that frustration you been feeling you will be just fine
Kimmi Kennedy: 10th round win!!!.. The combos broke his a$s! Yes baby!!!! I knew it!! <=-P :D
Kimmi Kennedy: CHAMP!!! Call me asap baby!!
MagicMan: What’s up KK I’m coming home baby
Kimmi Kennedy: I know baby! I’m so happy and so proud of you! I can’t wait saw the fight. You killed him with them combos! I woke up at 7 to see it lol.
Kimmi Kennedy: I was I’m here screaming for you.. You looked great whipping his a$$! I can’t wait to see you… Call me as soon as you can wanna hear your voice.. Muahz! CHAMP!
Kimmi Kennedy: Trying to make plans let me know how you wanna do it.. As far as me coming down and when
MagicMan: Ok Kimmie I will just give me a chance to get back to the States baby,
Kimmi Kennedy: Safe travels sweetheart… Can’t wait to get my hands on you. Goodnight xoxo

It isn’t safe in these these social media, bbm, skyping and etc streets.  Little disturbing Tarver threatened to go OJ on her (I think he was playing, I hope so).  Not much more I can say except…….

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  • OK so Tarver and his wife are splitting up I guess. That wasn’t mentioned before. Seems like they are in a relationship. Cool of her to allow him the freedom to f__k alot of

  • This video only shows me how stupid Kimmi really is, all he is doing is lying on here, bashing his wife, to get in her legs, WTF!!! and listenening to her talk I see why he had you as the jump off, you stupid ass hell…and you were the jump off no matter what you say, now that he really divorced his wife, he dropped yo stupid ass like a pan of hotcakes, you dumb bitch!

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