Video: Rampage Jackson Flirts With Karyn Bryant While Husband Records it UFC 135


The crazy part isn’t that Rampage openly sexual harasses reporter Karyn Bryant he has been doing that to female reporters in the UFC for years.

The weird part is Bryant’s husband is the cameraman.

I know Rampage is a world class MMA fighter and could probably put the cameraman to sleep in 10 seconds, but as a rule you don’t allow anyone to tell your wife he smelled her for several hours after their last encounter.

You have to say or do something.  Sometimes you just have to take the beaten to protect your manhood.   Man up and go ask Jon Jones to train you to do some of those spinning elbows.


  1. That wasnt that bad!
    I have seen worst from Rampage and the female reporter,where Page looked like an ass.
    That was actually a good interview IMO.

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