Video: Ron Jaworski Goes “Marvin’s Room” With His Praise of Tony Romo

I like Jaws mainly because I know he does the film work.

Guys like Cris “Coke” Carter and MeShawn Johnson just show up on set and say nonsensical things, so I can not respect that.  Jaws knows what he is talking about, so from that aspect I can respect his football acumen.

But this right here, is pathetic.

I have no issues with Tony Romo, when you are the quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys you are going to get overly criticized and overly praised no matter what you do.

But you expect professionals like Ron Jaworski to have some perspective of the situation.

Not downplaying Romo’s injuries, but the hyperbole machine was out of control. Romo has small puncture in his lung and some bruised ribs, very painful injuries, but every single quarterback in the NFL would have been able to play with the same injuries.  He wasn’t Superman, he was just Clark Kent with a bad cold.

As far as his play on the field, it was gutty without a doubt.  He wasn’t spectacular and the numbers don’t reflect how clutch he was at times, he played a solid game to get an ugly win.

Reality is that it is only the 3rd game of the season and in the grand scheme of things it will be forgotten, not matter how majestically Jaws described it.

For the Cowboys and Romo it is about playoff wins and getting to the Super Bowl, not squeaking out a win with six field goals by a rookie kicker over the Redskins.

You are better than this Jaws, I don’t want to see these Drake like feelings for the rest of the year.

2 thoughts on “Video: Ron Jaworski Goes “Marvin’s Room” With His Praise of Tony Romo

  • I thought i was the only one who was disgusted with the praises that were lavished on Romo.

  • BSPN will eventually get to The BEST of THEM (Real)

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