Video: Sebastian Janikowski 63 Yard Field Goal..NFL Record


Who doesn’t love Sea Bass?

He is the guy who always brings the Kegs, Weed and Strippers to the party.  He has been in the league forever now and he still looks like he has never worked out a day in his life, but he stay making kicks.

In this case a record tying 63 yard Field Goal on Monday Night Football.


  1. Check your facts… Janikowski TIED the record… Tom Dempsey was the 1st to kick a 63-yarder… he set the record back in 1970. Kicked it with a special shoe since he had a club-foot.

      • Your headline states it as an NFL record… not a MNF record. The mention of an MNF record is buried as the 2nd paragraph of the “story.” But the Raiders’ argument is that it may have been a 64-yarder. Pretty obvious you’re more of an athlete-gossip blogger & not a sports columnist.

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