Video: Stephan Pittman, The Vince Young Impersonator is a Sex Offender

This story keeps getting stranger and stranger.

The thing that is amazing to me is Pittman as you can see from the picture looks nothing like Vince Young, but then I watched the video showing that the majority of people taking pictures with Pittman as he poses as Young are white.

You know the saying………..

All black people look alike.

Now it is coming to light that Pittman is a sex offender and friends with Riddick Bowe.  Yes, the boxer Riddick Bowe.  Here are the details.

Representatives for NFL quarterback Vince Young say a registered sex offender has been impersonating him in the Washington D.C. and Prince George’s County Maryland areas.

The situation heated up after a photograph published by on Sept. 11th identified a celebrity party-goer at Georgetown’s L-2 Lounge as the Philadelphia Eagles’ Vince Young.

Young’s agent, Denise White, says the photo is not her client, but Maryland registered sex offender Stephan Pittman of Ft. Washington.  

In a telephone interview with 9News, a man claiming to be Pittman denied he has ever impersonated Young and that the Washington Examiner published the photo by mistake.  The man refused to meet in person or be recorded.

Meanwhile, former Heavyweight Champion Riddick Bowe, who was also a celebrity guest at the party says he “absolutely” believed a man at the party who claimed to be Vince Young.  

However, Bowe says he is also acquainted with Stephan Pittman. He said Pittman attended the party but another unidentified man was the one claiming to be Young.

“Stephan fixed it so I would be at the party and there was another gentleman that was Vince Young,” Bowe told 9News.

The crazy thing is no one has filed a complaint against the fake Vince Young, so there is no police investigation ongoing. Right now it is just a wild story with no resolution.

My advice is if you are a groupie, Children’s hospital employee or person on the street, if someone is claiming to be an athlete or entertainer pull out your phone go to Google images and make a comparison if you aren’t sure.


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