White Sox Interim Manager Joey Cora Fired Via Text Message

As if things couldn’t get any worst for the Chicago White Sox, another story came out early Wednesday that interim manager Joey Cora, who was formerly the bench coach when Ozzie Guillen was manager, was fired by Kenny Williams via text.

Joey Cora, close friend of Sox former manager Ozzie Guillen, was given the job of interim manager on Monday after Guillen was booted. Early Wednesday, general manager Kenny Williams text messaged Cora telling him not to bother coming to the ballpark because pitching coach Don Cooper was taking over as interim manager, according to the Chicago Sun-Times.

Cora is expected to be joining Guillen in Florida with the Marlins, but what a horrible way to be informed. The White Sox should already be embarrassed by how the Ozzie Guillen situation ended but this just adds the icing to the cake. Kenny Williams stint with the White Sox is surely coming to an end. It’s only a matter of time before Chicago is calling for his dismissal.

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