Dylan Favre, Brett Favre’s Nephew Vents on Twitter, Just Wants an Opportunity

You just had to know that Favre would eventually find his way back into the spotlight once again. Oh, wait… Not the Favre you were thinking about…

Brett Favre’s nephew Dylan Favre, or Young Favre as we’ll call him, was reportedly upset about not getting a chance to play during Mississippi State’s 19-6 loss yesterday to the No. 3 ranked LSU Tigers. That’s fine seeing nobody likes to lose; however, Favre is the 3rd string QB on his team so it’s not like he’s a promising backup that’s pushing for the starting job.

With starter Chris Relf and backup Tyler Russell absolutely frustrated and battered by the tenacious LSU D, Favre felt as if he should have gotten the call to come in the game and maybe get something going. Nevermind the fact that the Tigers are the third ranked team in the nation and Mississipi State is unranked. All Favre wanted to do was to get some playing time to show what he could do.

This “I can do anything/everything” attitude must run in the Favre family. If Young Favre gets a chance and shows that he is legit, then no one will accuse him of living off name recognition.

When he does get his chance, we’ll definitely be watching.