Andrew Luck Could Pull an “Eli” and Refuse to Play for Team that Drafts Him

Before it was called the “Eli” it was called the “Elway”.

It is when the consensus #1 pick in the draft lets the team know that is drafting #1 he will refuse to play for them, so they better either trade the pick, trade him once he is drafted or not draft him at all.

Both Eli and Elway effectively got what they wanted. While Luck travel down the same path?

NFL insiders say there is legitimate worry that Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck will pull a power move and refuse to play for the team that drafts him,’s Albert Breer reports.

This has made some in the league think the Luck camp could force a trade the way the Manning camp did when Eli refused to play for the San Diego Chargers in 2004.

“Absolutely. I’ve heard that for the last two years,” a college scout told Breer. “There’s no question that it could be a Manning thing all over again.”

As the consensus No. 1 player in the draft and probably the best QB prospect in years, Luck has enough clout to pull off this sort of move.

Since we have no clue if Luck and his family are even considering this, I am not going to call them out directly, but if they were to try to pull this it would be and pardon my french a b*tch move.

If you are as good as you say you are it doesn’t matter where you are drafted. Cam is doing fine in Carolina and Andy Dalton is winning in Cincy and those are exactly franchises with the best histories.

Simply put the way he is being hyped I expect SUPER BOWLS out of Andrew Luck, anything less would be a failure.

4 thoughts on “Andrew Luck Could Pull an “Eli” and Refuse to Play for Team that Drafts Him

  • Who’s to say he will do this and if so I don’t get the issue. Its his career I mean nobody cares about what happens to it but him anyways. Besides Eli and Elway ended up getting Superbowls when they did it so it really does work.

  • Why are they hyping him up way more then they did cam? They booed Cam Newton at the draft and talked about how he lacked accuracy. Why are they praising him and saying he is the best QB prospect in years? Is it cause of the pro-style offense and Cam being a running QB?

    I’m not saying he isn’t good, he is a beast.

  • I guess it’s not a draft anymore. If he does, I bet you he will get a pass from the media. I don’t remember Eli getting any flack for doing it. Let see a black player do it and you will see the hypocrisy from the media.

    • Eli got some flack for it though morseo than John Elway did 21 years earlier.

      Its his career in the end nobody cares about it more than he does and rightfully so once his talents wane fans will flock to someone else that’s how it is.

      And for the black example there was Kobe Bryant.

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