Antonio Cromartie Dares Tom Brady to Throw at Him, Says He Will Beat Up Pats WRs

The plan will be for Darrelle Revis to shadow Wes Welker (with double team help that the announcers will fail to mention), so that means Cromartie will be responsible for shutting down Chad Ochocinco and/or Deion Branch.

Cromartie has a plan and he prefers to have the “target” on his back.

Cromartie dared Brady to throw at the Jets’ No. 2 cover man.  “I hope I’m a target this game,” Cromartie said, per the Associated Press.  “I want to be a target every game.”

With Darrelle Revis expected to cover receiver Wes Welker most of the time, it’s safe to say that Cromartie will indeed get what he wants.  And Cromartie said that he plans to rough up whoever he is assigned to watch.

“To beat the hell out of their receivers, that’s our game plan on the outside,” Cromartie said.  “It’s to try to mess up their timing routes as much as we can.”

We know the Jets can do it, it is just a matter if they will do it.  What was interesting to me is the Jets didn’t try to rush Tom Brady at all in the AFC Championship.  They flooded the zones and beat up the WRs & TEs at line of scrimmage.  It worked and Brady became a little uneasy in the pocket.

Ironically it was the same plan that Bill Belichick used against the Rams in the 2001 Super Bowl.

Should be interesting to watch.

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