Basketball Wives Draya Michele Breast Cancer Awareness Photos, Showing Her Breasts



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If you didn’t know October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, so all the ladies on Twitter, Facebook and etc are showing their boobs either to increase their followers or because they are down for the cause.

Either way it is a win/win for the fellas.

Even the Basketball Wives are getting involved as Draya took this pic for Breast Cancer Awareness.  Photo was shot by Reign Photography.

Now if you you really wanted to see Draya’s boobs and how she is taking care of them you can click on the pictures below, just remember they are NSFW. We don’t want anyone to get fired over Basketball Wives.

Draya Naked #1

Draya Naked #2



  1. for someone that claims he does not watch the show and pleads how boring it is you sure have a lot of coverage of them wack broads…I hear what your saying but what your doing is beginning to contradict that

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