Bears Expected to Bench Safeties Brandon Meriweather & Chris Harris

Meriweather has been awful all year.

The lesson that should be learned is if Bill Belichick calls you with a trade offer that seems to be too good to be true, it probably means that there is something wrong with that player.

Harris has been hurt and probably tried to come back from his hamstring injury too soon.  Either way they are both about to be replaced according to Pro Football Talk.

Vaughn McClure of the Chicago Tribune reports that Brandon Meriweather and Chris Harris are both expected to sit in favor of rookie Chris Conte and Major Wright for Sunday night’s game against the Vikings.

The Bears Defense hasn’t been great, but they won’t be able to do anything positive until their offense line is at least serviceable.  A lot of people want to blame Mike Martz, but it wouldn’t matter what offense the Bears were running it wouldn’t be effective, their offensive line is that poor.

Bears have a lot of issues and I am sure this isn’t the last change that will happened.

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