Bills Ryan Fitzpatrick Agrees to $59 Million Contract Extension..$24 Million Guaranteed

Let me ask you a question would you rather have Ryan Fitzpatrick or Kevin Kolb?

What if I told you, you could have Fitzpatrick at about $10 million less guaranteed money who would you take then?  Ponder that while I provide you the details of Fitzpatrick new deal.

Buffalo Bills quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick has agreed to terms of a new contract that secures the Harvard graduate as the team’s long-term starter, a person familiar with negotiations told The Associated Press.

The extension is valued at $59 million over six years, including $24 million in guaranteed money, team and league sources told ESPN NFL Insider Chris Mortensen.

Fitzpatrick’s contract will average $9.987 million during the six years, but $11 million in each of the first three seasons, which are often considered the critical earning years in NFL player contracts.

I wouldn’t call Fitzpatrick a franchise quarterback, but he is definitely in that 2nd tier, so all things considered good deal for the Bills and good deal for Fitzpatrick.