Brandon Marshall Plans on Getting Ejected From MNF Game Against the Jets

Michi Nogami Marshall

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Before the season, without anyone asking Marshall made a big production out of him allegedly having borderline personality disorder. In my opinion it was just a ploy to make a convenient for his poor behavior, but many people did feel sorry for him.

Now according to Marshall he is going back to his regular personality disorder.

He believes the best way to help his team is to get thrown out of games. Here is what he had to say, don’t try to understand it because it doesn’t make any sense.

Seemingly out of nowhere Thursday, Marshall said he hasn’t been himself this season for the 0-4 Dolphins. He touched upon his passion for the game and whether he’s been relying too much on his natural ability.

As for the part about getting thrown out, Marshall first said, “I’ll probably get kicked out after the second quarter.” Later, Marshall amended that, saying his “goal is to get thrown out midway through the second quarter.”

“That’s all I can say. I think the past four games have been tough for me trying to control some things and, hey man, I’m just going to let it out. I don’t care if they have two or three cameras on me. I don’t care if I have penalties. It doesn’t matter. I’m going to let it all out.

“I don’t care what you guys write. I don’t care what the commentators say. I’m just going to play football. That’s what I’m best at. That’s when I play emotional. That’s when I play with passion, and you guys will see that on Monday Night Football. So I don’t know if it’s throwing a football 15 yards in the bleachers and getting a 15-yarder or punting the ball and getting thrown out of the game. But something’s going to happen. I’ll probably get kicked out after the second quarter.”

It was suggested to Marshall that he certainly must be joking about being ejected. He claimed he wasn’t.

“No, I’m not joking,” said Marshall, who has caught 22 balls this season for 313 yards. “I’m serious. If they want to fine me, it’ll probably be like a $50,000 fine. But I’m going to play. That quarter and a half I’m out there, I’m going to play like a monster. I might get in a fight with (Jets linebacker) Bart Scott. (Jets defensive back Antonio) Cromartie, we pretty much matured our relationship and grew a little bit. We used to fight . . . If that happens, it happens. We’ll see.”

Whoever is Marshall’s therapist they are failing miserably, but I am sure those checks are still clearing.  Marshall should go all out and get stabbed by a woman before halftime.


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