Bud Holmes, Walter Payton’s Agent Says Payton Wasn’t Hooked on Drugs

I wish that everyone would stop making comments on the Jeff Pearlman book about Walter Payton until they actually read the book.

Until then they sound like idiots. I get that they don’t like to hear about Payton in a negative light and the excerpts from the book led to this reaction, but that is what excerpts are suppose to do.

Walter Payton’s agent who was quoted in the book is now backtracking on what he said.

But Holmes tells TMZ, “[Payton] was not hooked on drugs. He wasn’t an addict. He didn’t abuse drugs or use illegal drugs.”

Holmes insists he never meant to imply that Payton abused pain medication and was simply talking about pills that “were only used to alleviate the aches and pains he got from playing the game we watch on Sundays.”

Holmes says he never knew Payton to use nitrous oxide, Vicodin or Ritalin, as the book claims.

Holmes says he is considering legal action if, when he reads the full book, he feels he was misquoted.

How can you know if you are misquoted or your quotes taken out of context until you read the book? If you are going to make that claim wait until you read the book.

I know I will be buying the book and will give you my full opinion of it once I complete reading it, because that is the proper thing to do.

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