Chris Tina Foxx Bruce Transgender Bodybuilder Competes as Woman Now



Chris Bruce used to be a man. Competed in Body Building competitions as a man.

But now Chris is Chris Tina Foxx Bruce and is a woman (well kind of), competing in womens Body Building competitions.

I repeat…..



Chris Bruce is the father of two and a former professional bodybuilder. Today the 42-year-old is making a controversial comeback – as a transgender woman.

Despite last competing 20 years ago, the long-haired blonde – who now goes by Chris Tina Foxx Bruce – is set to take the stage tonight and flex her pecks as a female.

“If you think about it, I am the ultimate bodybuilder,” Bruce told San Diego’s Fox 5 “Because that is what bodybuilding is about. It’s taking your body and transforming it, or building it, into something.”

Bruce, who will compete as a woman for the first time at the Border States Classic bodybuilding competition in San Diego, started the transgender process in 2008. She had breast implants and facial surgery in 2009.

For years before the surgery, Bruce hid his cross-dressing from his wife. The couple has since divorced.

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  • Wait, isn’t that the guy, or girl that starred in the first Scary Movie?

  • roflmao @ daffy duck face niiice!

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