Christian Ponder is Your New Vikings QB Signaling the End of Donovan McNabb


If McNabb wants to, he can hang around and cash a few checks as a backup for a few years. Maybe he will sneak in a start or two.

He looks in reasonably good shape, so it isn’t like injury is running him out of the NFL.  I never tell a player when he should retire.  McNabb should try to play as long as he wants to.

The reality though is it is over. He had a good run, but the time has come where he is no longer a viable starting quarterback in the NFL.

Leslie Frazier has announced that rookie Christian Ponder will take over for the foreseeable future for the Vikings.


  1. Damn, sad it had to end this way–but I guess his career was gonna be over some time. McNabb was probably a HOF candidate during his prime, but going to Canton may not be likely for him anymore.

  2. It was over for him in Minnesota when Sidney Rice left for Seattle. I think he still has a couple of good years left.

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