Daniel Rago Arrested For Slapping Bears Devin Hester in the Back of the Head

You know what immediately came to my mind when I read this story?

If you have been reading the site for awhile you already know, but for the new readers I will save it to the end.  ProFootballTalk has the details.

A man was arrested at Rivers Casino in the Chicago suburbs after slapping Devin Hester in the back of the head, as reported by Jennifer Delgado of Triblocal.

The story goes like this: Hester was in line at the casino when a 52-year-old man walked up behind him, slapped him in the head, and walked away.

Hester told security, who detained the man.  Daniel Rago was ultimately charged with misdemeanor assault.

This is what I was thinking.

Honestly if Hester has punched this guy in his jaw it would have been justified, but he did the right thing and not escalating it.