Dead Body Found in Akron Zips Stadium, But They Played Anyway


Nothing like starting off your morning getting ready for the big game by hearing a body was found in the stadium.

Here are the details.

A dead body was found inside InfoCision Stadium, the home field of the University of Akron Zips, according to reports on Saturday morning.

According to WKYC’s report, police found a suicide note at the man’s home and began searching for him Friday night when they found his car outside of the stadium. The man was found dead inside the stadium, reportedly in the stands, sometime Saturday morning.

According to Mocking the Draft, Police haven’t spoken to the media because they are trying to contact the family of the person involved in the death at Infocision Stadium.

Sad story especially for the family of the dead man. They didn’t release where he was found in the stadium, but someone right now is probably sitting in that seat and has no clue what happened just a few hours ago.



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