Deion Sanders Admits Marriage To Pilar is On the Rocks


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If you are unfamiliar with the story here is a brief timeline.  Last month Deion Sanders was accused of cheating with a 19 year old girl, an accusation he denies (Deion Sanders Cheats on Pilar With 19 Year Old Read the Text Messages), this was followed up by a report that Deion had served his wife with divorce papers (Deion Sanders Files For Divorce from Pilar Sanders) and a few days after that Deion claimed it never happened even though Pilar seemed to confirm it (Deion Sanders Denies Divorce Rumors, But Pilar Sanders Confirms It?).

Deion spoke with TMZ to clear up the rumors.

NFL Hall of Famer Deion Sanders wants to put the kibosh on rumors he filed for divorce from Pilar Sanders … telling TMZ while they’ve talked about splitting up, he’s NEVER filed legal papers.

Prime Time says that he and Pilar are currently still together — but in the process of figuring out “what’s best for our future, our lives, and our kids.”

Reports are circulating the two split after allegations Deion was unfaithful — but Sanders tells us the infidelity rumors were nothing more than a failed extortion attempt.

As for why the marriage is rocky … Deion explained, “it’s not one isolated incident,” adding, “sometimes you just grow apart.”

It appears like most things the truth was somewhere in the middle. Unfortunately when you are a public figure your private life isn’t that private.

Whatever the problems are I hope they work it out, too many couples don’t fight for their marriage and that is the reason the divorce rate is so high.

Wish them luck.

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