Derek Fisher Being Accused of Being in David Stern’s Back Pocket


The best way to break up a Union is to get them fighting from within.

David Stern as a mob boss knows this better than anyone else.  Is this the reason he has been cozying up with Derek Fisher?  Now the Player’s association is questioning Fisher’s loyalty.

NBPA president Derek Fisher was prepared to accept the owners’ proposal of a 50-50 split of basketball-related income and promised commissioner David Stern that he could get the players’ union on board,’s Jason Whitlock reports. Billy Hunter, the union’s executive director, and at least one other member of the PA’s executive board confronted Fisher on Friday morning to convince him to “reassess his 50-50 push,” according to the report.

Fisher and Hunter “haven’t been on the same page throughout this lockout,” Whitlock writes.

Kobe Bryant agreed with Fisher, his Lakers teammate, that the players should accept 50-50, but Hunter remained firm in his stance that they should accept no less than 52-48, a source told Whitlock. Hunter and the executive committee member convinced Fisher to hold to 52 percent, but not before they questioned his relationship with Stern and deputy commissioner Adam Silver.

When you were getting 57% of anything it is hard to go all the way down to 50%.  It depends on how honest you think the Owners are in regards to needed this change to fix the business model.
Whatever the case maybe the NBAPA needs to be on the same page or the David Stern will break them.


  1. take the deal Fisher understands that 50% is better than 0% which if he keep hoping for a better deal it aint coming oweners have hammer.

    • You SOUND LIKE a Idiot and a Moron… If the Players DON’T PLAY then THERE IS NO LEAGUE and NO MONEY to be Earned/Made TO DIVIDE !!!

  2. I’d consider the source of this story (Whitlock), but it does raise the issue that guys who aren’t the top 25 players in the league will suffer.

    • I DON’T LIKE Whitlock Either but That doesn’t mean He’s NOT Reporting The TRUTH Though… I’ve heard that Rumor Also and wouldn’t be SHOCKED If TRUE (Real)

  3. Fantastic tale, reckoned we’re able to mix a few unconnected information, nevertheless well worth taking a look, whoa do 1 learn about Middle of the East has got more problerms too.

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