Derrick Mason Attempts to Drop Ether on New York Jets But Fails Miserbly

There are certain Wide Receivers who complain and cause more problems than some of the “divas” you always hear about on ESPN. Because they aren’t high profile or have a good relationship with the media you never hear about it.

Derrick Mason is one of those guys.

Mason has been a solid wide receiver most of his career, but never dominant or the type of player that caused defensive coordinators to stay up at night.

Also in the last few years he has had a pattern of whining about catches while also dropping crucial passes.  He was brought in by the New York Jets, but after a few games, very little production and lot of whining he was traded to the Texans.

Upon his arrival he had some parting shots for the Jets.

Derrick Mason sounds happy to no longer be with the Jets.

The 37-year-old Texans receiver said it was “a breath of fresh air” to “come to a situation where they want you & they believe in what you can do.”

One thing about athletes is they  are the last to know when they skills have slipped.  I still don’t think Roy Jones Jr has acknowledged it.  Mason who was never a burner, is now 37 and his talents are declining at an alarming rate.

Do you understand how bad you have to be to get kicked off the Jets for being brash?

There whole team is filled with talkers that at times don’t back it up, that should tell you how bad Mason was.  If you are a Texans fan don’t expect any miracles.

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