Dez Bryant Says the Cowboys are “Unbeatable”


Interesting quote from Dez considering the Cowboys have been beaten many times during his year and half with the team.

I think I know what he is saying, but with Dez you never know. Here is the exact quote from the man himself.

According to the Dallas Morning News, Bryant said this week that he does not believe the Cowboys can be defeated.

“As far as the team, I like our chances. I feel like, it may sound crazy, I think we are unbeatable,” Bryant said.

“I think the losses, we lost those games ourselves,” Bryant said. “I feel like once we get back in that meeting room and regroup, and we learn from our mistakes, the sky’s the limit.”

I applaud his confidence, I hope though he is putting his money or chain loans where his mouth is.

Because the Cowboys’ problem has never been talent it is have been execution.  So he is correct they do shoot themselves in the foot a lot, but I haven’t seen them do much about it.

Bryant himself could be in better physical condition and run better routes, but I haven’t seen much improvement from him this year.  He is simply relying on his physical gifts and that just doesn’t work long term in the NFL, you have to put the work in.

Until things like that start to happen the Cowboys will continue to be very beatable.


  1. Lol as my late grandmother would say “don”t tek yuh eyes and pass me” ….basically means don’t underestimate me, which for the most part i think is what is happening to Dez right now…its VERY clear what he’s trying to say of this years team so i’m not sure where there is any room to criticize the young man….but i guess its the nature of the game

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