Dolphins TE Anthony Fasano on ‘Suck For Luck’: “It’s Sick”

If you’re a Colts or a Dolphins fan, you probably have conflicted views on how the season’s gone so far. Nobody likes to lose games — however, by losing the most games this year, you could possibly draft the best QB prospect in decades in Stanford’s Andrew Luck,

Players such as Anthony Fasano of the Dolphins are aware of the repercussions/benefits of losing the most games, but state that intentionally tanking is sick.

“It’s sick actually. I can’t even fathom those thoughts of those people that conjure up that stuff,” he told WFAN-AM in New York (via “They have never played sports and pretty much aren’t really our loyal fans. I can’t really put any weight into that and I know the players don’t listen to it.”

Jeff Saturday of the Colts also had similar feelings:

“I have done this for 13 years … I’ll steal a Robert Mathis quote: I ain’t sucking for anybody,” Colts center Jeff Saturday said Wednesday, according to the Tennessean. “Robert said it best, and that is the reality of it. I am out there every week trying to win games, and I don’t care about the rest of it.”

If I am a fan of one of these two teams, I want to win games. I agree with the perspective of the players. If there’s one thing I hate doing — it’s losing; there’s nothing worse than getting beat. However, if I’m 0-14, I wouldn’t necessarily tank, but I’d play inexperienced players to see what the team has (which might as well result in losses).

Andrew Luck, QB Stanford

The reality is that this draft happens to a DEEP draft. Besides Luck, you could land a 1st franchise QB in Robert Griffin (Baylor), Matt Barkley (USC), and Landry Jones (Oklahoma). Additionally, you could get yourself a playmaker at WR with either Alshon Jeffery (S.Car) or Michael Floyd.

Robert Griffin III – QB Baylor

Also on the defensive side of the ball there is so much talent available — franchise-changing talent. Morris Claiborne from LSU could be a shutdown corner, and at the MLB position, the draft is deeper than ever. Luke Kuechly from Boston College leads a pack of talented linebackers. Simply put, if your team doesn’t land Luck, it’s not the end of the world.

And I was just thinking, What if Andrew Luck sucks? …..

2 thoughts on “Dolphins TE Anthony Fasano on ‘Suck For Luck’: “It’s Sick”

  • And I was just thinking, What if Andrew Luck sucks? …..


    Not to mention he has another year of eligibility, lol. So these teams could suck and he might not even come out next year.

    Plus, he could pull a Eli Manning and force a trade.

  • Good point on what if Luck sucks, but really that’s not the only race going on here IMO.

    I fully believe the players when they say they’re not trying to lose. I do, however, believe that a few front offices were putting their worst foot forward in fielding their teams this year.

    Look at Miami. They came into this year with Chad Henne as their starter. Again. They have Matt Moore as his backup who failed miserably in Carolina. When Henne went down, they signed Sage Rosenfels. Who is better at losing than Sage Rosenfels? They signed oft-injured Reggie Bush to be their feature running back. They hired Brian Daboll to be their OC after doing such a great job in Cleveland that he was run out of town.

    The Broncos basically sold their team off. You give away Brandon Lloyd? You bench your QB after you lose a bunch of games because of your defense? I bet they put Tebow in thinking it was a clear path to Luck. I’m sure John Elway is furious that they keep winning with Tebow’s offense putting up 10-14 points per game. John Fox is completely flabbergasted.

    There are so few good QBs in the NFL right now. Probably about 5-8. There are three guys with a good chance of becoming really good QBs in the league (Luck, Barkley, and RGIII IMO) and it’s a race to get one of the three. Even without any trades, it’s possible the three of them are gone in the first four picks. So, while “Suck 4 Luck” is catchy, he’s not the only target in this crapfest going o in the NFL right now.

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