Draya vs. Laura Govan MMA Fight Video, Basketball Wives: LA

Honestly Draya on the Stripper Pole is more interesting to me than her and Laura pretending to be Jon Jones and Rampage Jackson.

Draya and Laura are the two most interesting women on an otherwise boring show, so it makes sense to feature their brewing battle.

It isn’t quite CM Punk vs. John Cena, but it will do if you are into the Almost Basketball Wives.

Here is video of the fight and let’s just say Draya should stick to stripping.

Speaking of stripping here is Draya’s Pole Work.

If you missed Draya’s naked pics you can view them HERE , but remember they are NSFW.

10 thoughts on “Draya vs. Laura Govan MMA Fight Video, Basketball Wives: LA

  • Laura it is equal to verbal child abuse to put down blacks and say white is right if your kids are black what do you think this will do to their self-esteem? You said white is right and you are never going black again. WHY DID LAURA GET A PASS ON THIS REMARK?
    Had a white person said it this would have made news and I don’t mean in a good way!

    • No one cares about Laura and her ugly azz and what comes out of that fake azz mouth. I think she needs some more botox in her upper lip!!!!

  • Tanya, the darkest woman get the boot off the show, then Laura says white is right to a darker skin black female. WTFu..k?

  • No one raped Laura so if black men dogged her out she was not a victim but a willing participant, in other words HO (whore) just like she labeled Draya!

    • absolutly!!

      • I agree too, you can’t rape the willing.

  • Gloria sat crying about how she would never hurt her kids and condemned Draya. Excuse me? Shacking up and not being married to their daddy is going to make them the target of ridicule when they start kindergarten. People on blogs all over are wondering why the dude hasn’t married you but you were good enough to spread your legs and give him two babies. Who called off the wedding anyway?

  • The cancer benefit Gloria and her baby daddy is planning on giving is really to be commended! Maybe you can put up an 800 number for fans to contribute. If there are any at this point most of these women are not well liked based on many blogs. Wonder why five minutes was spent on this great plan to raise money for Cancer research and free exams and the other 50 minutes on beating down Draya? No one likes bullies and unfair fights any more than we hate bad parenting and child neglect. You all are making Draya a sympathetic figure in spite of her bad parenting. Was she ever charged with a crime?

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