Dwyane Wade to David Stern “I Am Not A Child”, Gabrielle Union Impressed

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Many moments have defined Dwyane Wade’s career to date. His run at Marquette and the run to the NBA Championship in 2006 and recently the fact that he seemingly orchestrated the “Summer of LeBron” to go Miami’s way. His outburst at yesterday’s contentious labor meetings is going to be one of those moments.

As Wade’s bosses bosses boss, NBA Commissioner David Stern spoke to the players at the meeting, he pointed at them in what the players took as a condescending fashion. Dwyane Wade didnt like the Commissioner’s tone.

“Don’t point your finger at me, I’m not a child.”

Don’t be surprised if it becomes a battle cry for the players association. Their main problem comes from the fact owners throw insane amounts of money at them and then complain that they are making too much money.

According to Tim Reynolds, AP Writer who covers the Miami Heat (@bytimreynolds) one player who was not at the meetings told him the following

“400 guys in our league have a new favorite player tonight, and it’s Mr. D-Wade.”

Even under the intense scrutiny and hate thrown at the Heat, it always seemed to be more focused on LeBron and Bosh. Dwyane seemed to be the guy you like on the team you hate. If the Heat go on to win multiple championships, I can see Wade being the basketball equivalent of Tom Brady. Cool as hell, loved on a hated team and having one of the hottest women on the planet on his arm. Throw in the fact that he is an amazing father who fought for sole custody from his ex-wife and actually won, when he is surrounded by peers who have 7 different baby mamas and Twodels coming out of the woodwork or appearing on Basketball Wives, and what you have is one cool guy.

Speaking of the woman on his arm, his significant other, actress Gabrielle Union coincidentally tweeted the following yesterday.

Now if you need another reason to like Dwyane Wade, how about the fact that he tried to capitalize on his badassedness.

Her response though, proves that even Dwyane Wade has to work a little harder than that.

Hopefully those labor negotiations went better than the NBA ones did.

9 thoughts on “Dwyane Wade to David Stern “I Am Not A Child”, Gabrielle Union Impressed

  • F#ck him. GO BULLS

  • “Throw in the fact that he is an amazing father”

    I think that’s media hype and image but I do believe that he is one of the better guys in the NBA though

  • Dont be fooled. He did that do he wouldnt look bad in front of his bottom bitch, LeBum.

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