ESPN’s Mike Lupica isn’t a Fan of President Obama

Hank Williams Jr. was booted off Monday Night Football for a Hitler analogy. The question coming from the Sports Grid is will Mike Lupica be disciplined for his take on President Obama’s job performance.

Here are the details.

Lupica, who has an ESPN Radio show in New York and has been a talking head on the network’s Sports Reporters program for forever, wrote a provocative column in Friday’s Daily News. The headline? “Occupy Wall Street protesters should aim their wrath at Fundraiser-in-Chief Obama.”

It isn’t “Obama the Nazi”-level stuff, but it’s already raised a few eyebrows. Mostly due to this portion, in which Lupica imagines an occupation of Pennsylvania Avenue.

It’s why you wonder if there will come a day when the house that Occupy Wall Street is standing in front of isn’t Jamie Dimon’s on Park Ave., it is the White House.

And this portion, in which he says the President is doing kind of a terrible job.

Say this about the state of the country nearly three years into the Obama administration: If this President didn’t create this economic mess, he hasn’t done very much to get us out of it.

Personally I don’t think what he said it is a big deal. He is a journalist and he should be able to speak his mind if giving the opportunity to do so.

I am not the biggest Mike Lupica fan, but at least he puts his thoughts together without using a dictator to clarify his points.

Unless ESPN has a policy saying you can never speak negatively about the Presidency, this gets the Kanye shrug.

3 thoughts on “ESPN’s Mike Lupica isn’t a Fan of President Obama

  • Geez,now ppl can’t say what they feel,well let me get banned b/c of how I feel. If the POTUS wasn’t black Espn wouldn’t have a problem with Mike Lupica or Hank William Jr say, white folks are scared to criticize Pres, Obama b/c is black and they don’t want to be associated with a so call “Racist”.

    And that is the reason why Hank Jr. is back at the ranch. This country has become “sensitive” since Pres.Obama, well I’m black and I have no problem criticizing Pres. Obama, he knew that was part of the job,get over it already. And if I continue to see family and friends lose their jobs, houses etc.,I won’t have a problem sending the POTUS back on a one way ticket back to Chicago.

    And no,I’m not a Republican nor a fan of Herman “The Colored Coon Clown” Cain.

  • I’m not happy with POTUS either but where were all these strong comments during the previous administration

  • “At tonight’s Republican debate, former Godfather’s Pizza CEO Herman Cain was given the center seat. You can tell Cain was in the center because he was wearing one of those little plastic tables that protects the cheese.” –Jimmy Fallon

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