Fan Throws Hot Dog at Tiger Woods

Why are people still salty at Tiger Woods?

It has almost been two years now since his wife tried to beat him down with a 9 Iron causing his SUV to crash and his life to spiral a bit out of control.

More than anything else his golf game has never been the same, so just move on Golf fan, it isn’t that serious.

It all went down moments ago at the Open in San Martin — Woods was focusing on the hole, when out of nowhere … a fan yelled “Tiger!” and let fly a frankfurter.

Moments after releasing the sausage, the fan was bum rushed by security … and police arrested him. According to officials, the guy was intoxicated.

Tiger relished the moment afterward, claiming, “When I looked up, the hot dog was already in the air.”

Good to see Tiger took it in stride.

Video has been found of the Hot Dog attack.

4 thoughts on “Fan Throws Hot Dog at Tiger Woods

  • white people are so stupid and ignorant…wtf, throwing a hot dog at someone,,,gtfoh!

  • TRIED… Dawg SHE was Extremely Successful in Knocking Tiger LOOSE with that Golf Club (TRUST…) **LOL**

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