For $250k You Can Play HORSE With Magic Johnson and James Worthy

Just in case you were confused by the title, it isn’t $250, it is $250,000.

There is a lot of money just to play a game of HORSE. My question is if I won would I get my money back? Because I figure if I can beat Magic and Worthy I should at least get some sort of rebate.

Here are the details.

A package on eBay, with a starting bid of $250,000 is offering unique deal.

The winning bid will get 10 tickets for the Nov. 11 Quicken Loans Carrier Classic that pits Michigan State vs. North Carolina basketball game on the USS Carl Vinson docked in San Diego Harbor.

At halftime, the winning bidder will play HORSE against Magic Johnson and James Worthy. The two former Lakers teammates won national titles at Michigan State and North Carolina.

President Obama will be in attendance, but you can see the Prez at Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles without paying a penny.

Do Magic and Worthy get to keep the money and go to Sizzlers (the proceeds to my understanding go to Charity)?  This is something that I will investigate.