Former Jags QB David Garrard Needs Surgery for Herniated Disc


It appeared Garrard was on his way to Oakland until he disclosed an injury that no one knew he had.

Jay Glazer from Fox Sports has the details.

Former Jacksonville Jaguars starter and free agent David Garrard, who has been in talks with the Raiders, found out Monday morning that he needs immediate surgery for a herniated disc (L4-L5), an injury he said occurred during training camp.

“I wanted to be totally up front with them. It’s not something that I wanted to hide. I’ve been feeling the pain for awhile, but recently it got to the point where the only time I didn’t have pain was when I was laying down,” Garrard said.

Raiders need someone to come in, but their options are limited and if they can’t find someone serviceable it may cost them a playoff appearance.


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