Former Kansas State All-American Michael Beasely Admits to Improper Benefits

Michael Beasley stays losing. I mean this kid seriously can not keep his name out of the mud, even during the NBA lockout. First there was this failed attempt to organize an all-star basketball game this past weekend, but now comes and admission in this piece on, that he and his mother received money for moving and living expenses while he was  a start forward at Kansas State University.

I’m not going to call Beasley out the way I did Asante Samuel for running his mouth. Beasley’s admission came as part of a counter lawsuit filed against his former agent, and is a part of public record. It’s not as if he went running his mouth to the press as an attention grab. However, similar to Samuel’s comments about Eagles executives, the timing of this story is unfortunate negative press for the University as it prepares to host perhaps it’s biggest college football game in school history as the previously number one ranked Oklahoma Sooners come to town.

A win against the Sooners would keep the Wildcats squarely in the BCS championship discussion, keeping the school nationally relevant for at least a few more weeks. Now, at least for a couple of days, the school will have a little bit of it’s shine dimmed by a former athlete in another sport, drawing potential sanctions from the NCAA.

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  • If Dr.J auctioning his championship rings and facing a lawsuit… the disaster that awaits cool guy brees down the road seems inevitable…smh

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