Former NBA Player Isaiah JR Rider Arrested For Probation Violation

You ever wonder what sports stars from the past are up to? Well, we have the answer for at least one player. Isaiah Rider, the former NBA player/journeyman, was recently arrested for violating his probation. Isaiah, or J.R. as he’s known by many fans, skipped required domestic violence classes and failed to complete community service.

Rider was also arrested last year for allegedly violating his wife and now is in legal trouble once again.

According to the docs, Rider completely ignored his probation requirements — which included 100 hours of community service, (he only did 10), completion of domestic violence classes, submitting to a urinalysis test and paying fines.

Rider’s probation officer TRASHED the former NBA star in court papers, saying Rider’s “failure to participate in treatment after so many opportunities appears to reinforce his lack of intent to successfully complete probation.”

Cops also believe Rider is a flight risk — and want to keep him locked up. Rider is due back in court on Oct. 11.

Sucks for J.R, who apparently had no idea of any wrongdoings when he appeared in court.

Celebrities and stars sometimes find ways to circumvent the law but it’s quite hard to get away with a probation violation. If my memory serves me correctly, a probation violation was what got rapper T.I. back in jail. Hopefully J.R. Rider can get his life back on track. Early in his career, he was kinda like a Vince Carter before Vince Carter. Here’s one of Rider’s more memorable moments — from the ’94 Slam Dunk competition which he won.

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