Former Yankees Chuck Knoblauch Doesn’t Like His Ex-Wife F*cking N*ggers, Allegedly


Sometimes with Twitter it is pretty obvious when an athlete tweets something controversial or by accident and then uses the hacked excuse to clean it up.

In this particular case of Chuck Knoblauch it isn’t so clear. Just reading his previous tweets this sort of vile comment seems to come out of left field (no pun intended).  Experience tells us that Twitter sometimes is a gateway to someone’s true feelings, so maybe this is how he feels about his ex-wife having relations with the black male population.

Deadspin has a bit of the back story.

We’re not sure exactly what prompted the rampage that came from @chuckknoblauch, the verified Twitter account of the former Yankees and Twins second baseman, circa 1:30 a.m. ET Friday night, but it must have been bad.

The tweet at top—”I Hate fucking dirty whores like Cheri Olvera. Scumbag nasty nigger fucking slut!!???”—refers to a lady who is not only Knoblauch’s wife but Brian Giles’ ex-fiancée, who recently sued the former Padre for $10 million. Knoblauch testified on Olvera’s behalf in that trial because the two were then engaged. Giles later won the trial.

I am sure the tweets will be deleted and Knoblauch will have a convenient excuse that may or may not be true.  If he indeed posted the tweet himself, don’t expect him to be invited to speak at any NAACP rallies anytime soon.


Of course we saw this coming.


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