Gabrielle Union Sending Booty Shorts Pics to Member of New York Giants?


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Who cares if Gabby sent the pics or not.

The problem is the player on the Giants not having NASA life security on his phone?  That is unacceptable in 2011.  You need to lock your phone with at least a 10 character password with special characters.

This should also apply to your laptop, iPad, email, Twitter, Facebook and I could go on if you like.

Bossip explains how Gabby is trying to be two sport lady allegedly.

A Miami-based source tells BOSSIP exclusively that Gabrielle Union‘s relationship with Dwyane Wade may not be as perfect as the couple would have us believe. According to the source, Gabby has been carrying on no less than a serious flirtation with an NFL player who also lives in D.Wade’s hometown of Miami.

The football player, a member of the Giants’ offense, was confronted by his fiance after she found a book full of intimate pictures of Gabrielle Union in lingerie and very sexy positions. The fiance initially thought the collection of pics was something her man had put together on his own, but upon further inspection, she realized that these were not published photos, leading her to believe that he could have only gotten from Gabrielle herself. The photos were all accompanied by private notes to the NFL baller.

He allegedly admitted to his fiance that he had in fact been cheating and that the book of intimate pics had been a gift from Gabrielle.

Nice pic,  even if she wasn’t sending it to him, still cool for us to see.

Doesn’t really matter if it is true or untrue.  It is irrelevant, anyone can just make up a story and find a half naked pic.  The point is best way to make sure your Titanic doesn’t sink?

Don’t ever announce your boat is unsinkable.

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  • She is what she is, side chick material at best. The role she plays the best in movies.

    • BOOM !!!

      • LMbAO, well, you cant change a hoe to a house wife…now a b-ball wive… now where getting somewhere.

  • Well Gabby Gabbs needs her income.

  • BTW my guesses are Antrel Rolle Or Kenny Phillips.

  • Those guys are on the defense.

    This is a Giants Offense player

    • my bad

  • Guess Gabby loves herself some athletes….Go Gabby Go

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