Gloria Govan Confirms Split From Lakers Matt Barnes..Blames Lockout, Kids & Moving


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Matt Barnes took a preemptive strike against anything drama filled that Gloria could say by issuing a press release about their break up.  Gloria spoke with VH1 (of course), to give her side of the story.

Here is what she had to say.

VH1: I saw the news about you and Matt, can you talk about your split?

Gloria: Matt and I do have kids and we’re trying to be as cordial as we can right now and we’ll be in each other’s lives forever, but as relationships go, we have our ups and downs. It hasn’t been an easy ride moving across the country twice, having kids at 21 when I just graduated college, it hasn’t been easy. And now Matt has the lockout, so everything has been stressful with the breakup, the lockout, everything, it’s been a whirlwind. But we’re still friends and we’re still working things out and I wish him nothing but the best.

VH1: I just asked your sister Laura about it and she said she thinks you’ll get back together.

Gloria: Of course she does. My whole family is rooting for that man. I swear. They would pick him over me. I’ve learned my lesson, never say never and I think anything is possible, but right now I’m taking my time to grow as an individual. Not only for myself but for my family. We’ll see. I’m not going to say never, I’m optimistic, but for now…we’re going our separate ways. But if our paths cross again it’s meant to be. For now, we’re just taking our time to do our own thing. And Laura of course wants it. With her situation with Gilbert (Arenas), she’s been in and out, out and in. She has a lot of experience and good advice when it comes to situations like this.

At least they are both being cordial for now…………

Most important thing is always the kids, so hopefully they have their best interest involved.  Gloria is young, attractive and whatever skeletons she does have in the closet are hidden pretty well (except one, but that is another story for another time), so I figure she will be with another ball player by January 1st, 2012.

Don’t expect her to be with the UPS Guy, it doesn’t work like that.

4 thoughts on “Gloria Govan Confirms Split From Lakers Matt Barnes..Blames Lockout, Kids & Moving

  • Please. The UPS guy probably hits that while matty is outta town.

    The checks stop rolling in and baby girl is outta there. It’s all good though. She’s probably going to “date” an NFLer next. Or, reconcile with matty once the new CBA is signed!

    • BWAHAHA…So true So true

  • She’s going to do just like her sister, she will hang on to him until he gives in…by any means necessary

  • Lockout as a reason/cause? nah dude misses bein on the road spreadin the love and with the lockout he was home too much and couldnt take it anymore thas why hes so against getting married… smh

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