Isaiah Rider’s Wife Vanessa Says His Probation Officer is She-Devil & Man Hater

We reported yesterday how JR Rider was sent back to jail on a probation violation and to be honest knowing Rider’s history everyone assumed it was warranted.

But JR’s wife says we shouldn’t make assumptions and that his PO has a vendetta out against him.

Isaiah Rider‘s wife believes the former NBA star is the victim of a “she-devil, man-hating” probation officer … who has been out to get her husband simply because he’s famous.

TMZ spoke with Vanessa Rider, who tells us … Isaiah’s P.O. has been “abusing her power” — and has been blocking his efforts to complete his probation

Rider says Isaiah got permission from the court to apply to travel to L.A. to explore job opportunities as a basketball coach, but the P.O. has refused to sign off on it … insisting he work at a local McDonald’s, or a similar local establishment during his probation. 

Vanessa says, “He’s not going to work at McDonald’s … he’s a retired athlete.”

As for the 90 uncompleted hours of community service, Vanessa says Isaiah wanted to volunteer at his church, but the P.O. would only let him pick up trash on the side of the road.

Not sure if I would classify Rider as a famous retired athlete, but if his PO is being a jerk about things I hope that the judge will let him out of jail.

If you take Vanessa Rider’s word, he is trying to do the right thing and his PO is just trying to make things difficult for him, which isn’t their job.  It isn’t unusual for PO’s especially ones who don’t like their jobs to be harder on famous or semi famous people.  Considering they are in a position of power it makes them feel good about themselves because for the other hours of the day their lives are miserable.

I gave Vanessa credit for standing by her man and as you can see she tatted his last name on her wrist so their love must be real, at least according to Drake.

Hopefully the truth will come out soon.

3 thoughts on “Isaiah Rider’s Wife Vanessa Says His Probation Officer is She-Devil & Man Hater

  • Hold on as a probation officer in north carolina i have a few points to make. 1. Mr. Rider is not on federal probation meaning he is on state level probation while all states handle probation differently some common things are that usually you can’t work in one state and be on probation in another. if he wants to work in california then he would have to apply through whats called interste compact and california would have to verify a residence in california and accept his case. but to even be eligible for this your case has to be in full compliance before you go. So he was not eligible. point 2 usually most states will let people leave the state for a brief period of time like a vacation, funeral, medical, etc. they are given a copy of a travel permit. if he had approval to go he would have documentation signed by the officer and the chief probation officer. point 3 probationers do not get to pick where they do their community service. for example here in north carolina we have a community service coordinator. when someone gets placed on probation and is ordered to complete community service we set up an appointment with this coordinator and they get placed to do community service in an apporved location near their residence. Also, they are usually given a time limit like must finish 48 hours in the first 90 days of probation etc. another point would be that Mr. Rider has to report to this officer probably once a month if not more soo there is no way he was completely unaware of his conditions of probation. For whatever reason Mr. Rider is forgetting that he is already getting a break by being on probation and if he does not want to comply he should just request the judge activate his time so when he completes it he would not have these restrictions on him. ANd he can go to California whenever he pleases.

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