Julius “Dr. J” Erving Sued for $200k, Auctioning NBA Championship Ring

I don’t think any athlete wants to sell their championship rings.

Even the scrubs wouldn’t want to do that because they is how they pick up women even if they haven’t played in ten years. Dr. J is an iconic NBA Superstar, so it is tough pill to swallow that he is having such financial problems that he has to sell a bunch of his stuff.

SCP Auctions informed the media on Tuesday that a large quantity of Erving memorabilia — including his 1983 76ers championship ring — will be auctioned off in what the site calls “certainly the most important and comprehensive basketball player collection ever brought to market.”

Some of the marquis items from the collection include Dr. J’s 1974 and 1976 New York Nets ABA World Championship ring; 1983 Philadelphia 76ers World Championship ring; 1996 NBA’s 50 Greatest Players ring; MVP trophies from 1975-76 (ABA) and 1980-81 (NBA); 1977 and 1983 NBA All-Star game MVP trophies; 1979, 1981 and 1985 Eastern Conference All-Star game-worn uniforms, 1982-83 Philadelphia 76ers game-worn road uniform; and his final game-worn jersey from Game 5 of the 1987 Eastern Conference playoffs.

The news comes — coincidentally (or not) — on the same day that the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that Georgia Primary Bank is suing Erving for more than $200,000.

Basketball legend Julius Erving owes more than $200,000 on a loan with Georgia Primary Bank, according to a lawsuit filed in Fulton Superior Court. The bank filed a lawsuit Oct. 18 against Erving, 61, and his corporation, The Erving Group Inc. of Atlanta.

Honestly this has to suck for Dr. J, hopefully it gets it all taken care of.

4 thoughts on “Julius “Dr. J” Erving Sued for $200k, Auctioning NBA Championship Ring

  • Damn…I’m sorry to see Dr J going out like this but I guess that’s life…..

  • One or two of these new school players, i.e. Kobie, LeBron, or Dwade should help Doc out…

  • Hell yeah if more than just a few chipped in with a G’s it would cover the fee, cause one day they could be in the same situation

  • Sacramento mayor Kevin Johnson is a previous NBA participant, three degrees of all-star in Cleveland and the SUNS, played thirteen seasons. Signatories, Johnson in wrote: “as a current city lengthy and retired NBA player, I am extremely grateful to the NBA and other elements of the economic climate in the national scope impacts. Sacramento and other town collectively, urged agreement, great let NBA followers to return to the stadium, let the thousands of people who perform on NBA to get a opportunity to function.”

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