Kim Kardashian & Kris Humphries Headed For Divorce, She Stills Wants Reggie Bush


In my opinion even if these reports are true, there is no way that Kimmy gets a divorce this quickly.  She would rather be miserable for at minimum a year just to avoid the embarrassment and also to protect the financial interests of future reality shows.

Here is what allegedly what is going on between Kimmy and the Hump.

The couple have not been spotted together for quite some time and Kardashian is tired with Humphries’ excessive partying while the NBA remains locked out, according to Star Magazine (via New York Post).

Kardashian has been talking to a divorce lawyer while Humphries has been traveling between New York and Miami without her, “acting like a single man.”

Other reports are saying that Kimmy still has a thing for Reggie Bush.  This is the Kardashians we are talking about, so who knows what is going on and what they are planting themselves.

Anything to stay in the news.


  1. Not surprised at all….they’re so money driven and materialistic its ridiculous. Oh and for that wedding, I didn’t believe them. They need more people, real talk!

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