Kim Kardashian & Kris Humphries Marriage Already in Trouble


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Expect to see about 500 more of these stories over the next year or so.

Simply put Kim and Kris’ relationship is a business arrangement like a lot of celebrity couples.  Trust me they won’t be breaking up any time soon.  They have to milk as many of your $$$ as they possibly can.

It isn’t shocking they might be bumping heads because they have known each other less than a year.

With the Kardashians, these type of stories are good for business.  Doesn’t matter if it is a scandal of not as long as people are talking about them they are winning.

The ENQUIRER has learned that the 30-year-old reality star and her husband Kris Humphries have fought bitterly over her wild spending and other things – and one recent blowup ended with Kim storming out of the $7,000-a-night New York hotel suite where they live.

Their battles have gotten so bad that Kris, 26, is considering ending the marriage, which began in a spectacular Aug. 20 made-for-TV extravaganza, revealed a family insider.

“Kris thought he could handle living with his every move followed by a reality TV camera crew – but now he is having second thoughts,” explained the insider.

“He believed Kim’s hunger for the spotlight would tail off after the wedding, but it’s just gotten worse.

“He thinks she is more obsessed with being famous than having a happy marriage.”

The pro basketball player is starting to believe “he is nothing more than a prop for Kim’s photo ops,” noted the source.

I don’t curse but if I was standing next to Kris Humphries I would say to him….


What did he think he was signing up for?  He seems a bit slow at times, maybe Ray J can school him on how this works.


3 thoughts on “Kim Kardashian & Kris Humphries Marriage Already in Trouble

  • Hoes…oops..I mean….Kardashians be winning….

  • All people in Minnesota should contact their local Sears and demand they stop selling any clothes, perfume or other cheap, tacky, over-priced item produced by the Kardashians immediately!

    What nerve Kim K. has to not only insult the Humphrey family, especially his parents, but the ENTIRE STATE of Minnesota!

    Kris should take his money and buy a nice house for himself and any future wife/family he has in Minnesota or anywhere else HE CHOOSES now while the interest rates are so low and property prices are too. He could get much better value and be much happier there than with Kim K. and her hideous family.

    I also hope that his parents have advised him NOT TO SHARE any of their personal business with Kim K. after we see how she runs to her mother and sisters with every little detail about her life and what awful butinskis the Kardashian/Jenner clan are.

    I am sure the Humphreys have far more class and dignity. I saw just a brief glimse of his sister in an episode of that awful reality show and another quick glance of his father. I have never seen his mother or any other family members and we know who is behind that.

    And one last word to Kris Jenner, “doll, you looked like a big fat fool in that getup you wore to the cheesy charade of a wedding and that facelift you had was a complete waste.” GO SEE DR. MURRAY along with the rest of your family from now on when you can’t sleep because the public is sick of you!”

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