Kris Humphries is “Bummed” That Kim Kardashian Filed For Divorce


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The reason The Hump is bummed is that while he played his cards beautifully for the most part he made some key mistakes.

After the marriage he got way too comfortable, he assumed that there was no way that Kim would file for divorce so quick.  He should have just played his role for the winter and did whatever she wanted at least until the summer.

The part that he will be kicking himself about forever is not knocking Kimmy up.  That baby is worth millions and he blew that, so in reality while he got the name recognition and a few dollars, once Kim gets back with Reggie Bush, Humphries will Fade to Bolivia with Mike Tyson.

Kris Humphries desperately tried to save his marriage to Kim Kardashian, because he’s telling friends … he doesn’t believe in divorce.

We’re told Kris didn’t know Kim was actually filing legal papers until this morning.

We’re told Kris is “bummed.”

I still give The Hump a “B” for his overall performance. He is in a better position nationally than he was a year ago, but if he didn’t get so comfortable he could have had so much more.

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  • I hate to say it, but Kris is a Sucker….

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