Lebron James Wants to Play in the NFL During the Lockout, Eagles Should Call Him


I know The King is joking, but I honestly I think that Lebron could play in the NFL.

If you gave him just a few plays to learn, I bet he could make some sort of impact at WR or TE. I don’t think he could block a LB, but I think he could run a fly route and beat a safety for the ball.

If you are the Miami Dolphins, have nothing to play for and a half empty stadium shouldn’t you at least call Lebron? Yes, it would be a spectacle, but at least it would bring some attention to your team and put some people in the seats.

Or maybe he could go to the Philadelphia Eagles and then they could become the Broad Street NWO which is a much better moniker than the not so much Dream Team.

Al Davis would do it (RIP).


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