LeBron James: What Could He Really Bring to an NFL Team?

Yesterday, LeBron James asked John Clayton on Twitter when the deadline was for free agents to sign. Earlier today, Pete Carroll got in on the fun and tweeted a picture of a Seahawks jersey with the name LeBron emblazoned on it and told him to go work out at #TheU and ask for BC.

BC is Brennan Carroll, the Tight Ends coach for Miami and son of Pete.

It is pretty obvious that this is just LeBron having some fun and doing some harmless attention whoring. As reviled as he is for “The Decision”, he doesn’t even register on the “T-Ocho Scale of Attentionwhoredom” (copyright pending).
Considering the success of Tony Gonzalez, Antonio Gates and most recently “Superstar” Jimmy Graham have had as basketball players turned tight end, everybody pretty much agrees that LeBron would be a beast at the position. Any QB would love that target sitting in the middle of the field.
But let’s face it, LeBron James is not going to risk injury, and going over the middle in the NFL is just what you are asking for in that spot.

For the sake of argument, and a little fun, I have a little scenario that would be a feasible way for LeBron to realize this dream with the least amount of risk.

Given time and knowing his work ethic, LeBron would be able to change his body from an NBA player to that of an NFL Tight End. Since he doesn’t have time for that, he’s just going to go with what he has.

Also for this little scenario, he is not going to Seattle, he is going to go to the team that makes the most sense for several reasons, the Miami Dolphins.

Now why would King James go to an 0-4 team? For one, he is conscious of his role as the guy who brought “his talents to South Beach” so he can’t really go anywhere else. Secondly, they could really use him. At 0-4, the team that is hosting Florida Gators day in two weeks (coincidentally Tebow’s first start) needs the ticket boost.

One of the main problems the Dolphins have had this season is the ability to punch it in the end zone, specifically on goal to go situations. They can move it fine into the Red Zone, but once they get within 10 yards and the defense is stacked in shrunken field, they can’t do anything. This is where LeBron would be perfect.

All he would need to do is take a few steps, cross the goal line, turn around, box out his defender and catch the ball. Most linebackers would be overmatched and since it is in a contained space and happens so quickly, there really isn’t much of a chance that anybody is going to get a running start and launch themselves at him as a safety would do in the open field.

If you wanted to mix it up, throw up a quick corner fade. I will take LeBron James’ hands, jumping ability, and sheer size against any defensive back in the NFL. He’s like Megatron, just bigger.

No way this is ever going to happen, but Nike did have some fun with this a few years ago, when LeBron was still loved in Cleveland and still wore #23. Funny thing is, both the fake Browns jersey and the one Carroll tweeted out say LeBron, and not James. Is this the XFL?